Item Synonyms Description
Ariel A dusky red gage-like plum with a superb flavour.
AU Rubrum The AU Rubrum is an ideal plum for canning, preserving and fresh eating. This plum produces very large abundant crops of delicious sweet and juicy plums. These plums have a sweet red flesh and very dark red skin. Matures about one week after Methley, usually in mid-late June or early July. Partially self fertile, but will do much better production when pollinated with another AU or the Methley plum. Developed at Auburn University.
Avalon A large mid-season red/purple plum, similar to Victoria, with a very good flavour.
Belle de Louvain A large purple plum, primarily for culinary use but can also be eaten fresh.
Black Ice A large-fruited dessert plum with superior winter hardiness. Bred by Prof. Brian Smith of UW-River Falls who spent years crossing cherry plums with Japanese dessert plums. The large, round plums are blue-black with very sweet, juicy, yellow flesh. Fruit ripens in early August, about 2 to 4 weeks earlier than other plums.
Blue Tit A popular and reliable English culinary plum which can also be eaten fresh.
Cambridge Gage A popular English green-gage.
Coe's Golden Drop A very large oval gage.
Count Althann's An unusual red/blue-coloured gage from Bohemia, with a very good flavour.
Czar A popular and easy to grow culinary plum.
Denniston's Superb A reliable gage-like green plum with a strong sweet flavour.
Early Prolific Widely known as River's Early Prolific or Early Rivers after the Hertfordshire nusery where it was raised, as the name suggests, early and prolific!
Elephant Heart Deep red fleshed Japanese plum, ripening in September with a dusky green & red skin. Rich flavored firm flesh, hang fairly long on the tree.
Ersinger Fruhzwetsche An early-season culinary plum with a good flavor.
Excalibur A well-flavoured red-purple plum, similar to Victoria.
Farleigh The heaviest-cropping damson, fruit can be small but has a good flavour.
Flavor King Flavor King is a plum-apricot hybrid, known as a Pluot - the flavour is plum-like but the flesh texture is similar to an apricot.
Formosa Japanese plum, great for fresh-eating. Bigger than European plums with wide range in color.
Golden Transparent An outstanding transparent yellow gage, raised by the famous Rivers nursery.
Green Gage The Green Gage is a very popular old fashioned English plum that grows well over a wide range of climates. It is a greenish-yellow, very sweet and juicy plum. The self-fertile Green Gage plum produces heavy crops that ripen in July.
Guinevere A very modern late-season dessert plum.
Haganta A new large blue disease-resistant plum from Germany.
Herman A good quality early-season plum.
Howard Miracle Large, firm, juicy freestone, distinctive flavor. Amber flesh, yellow skin blushed with red
Jefferson A very good yellow gage with the typical gage flavour.
Jubileum An attractive modern plum, similar to Victoria but larger.
Kuban Comet Bred in south-eastern Russia, partially self-fertile. Blossom in late April, very cold hardy and resistant to pests and disease. Ripens in late July weighing in at 30-35 grams per fruit, so pretty hefty red-dark purple skin, yellow flesh, firm, juicy, aromatic and flavourful with hints of apricot and almond. Good for fresh eating as well as cooking.
Mariposa Large, red fleshed, sweet, juicy, firm, delicious. Small pit, nearly freestone. Mottled maroon over green skin. Use fresh or cooked.
Marjorie's Seedling Easy to grow, heavy cropping purple/black plum, late season.
Merryweather A popular damson variety, which grows well in cool temperate climates. The fruit is unusually large for a damson.
Methley An early plum with fine quality and appearance. The fruit is purple with red, sweet flesh and very juicy with a distinctive flavor.
Mirabelle Mirabelle plums are a small, sweet type of fruit most commonly grown in the Lorraine region of France. These high sugar plums are renowned for their use in various jams, jellies, baked products, and fruit brandy (known as eau de vie). Read more at Gardening Know How: Mirabelle Plum Care: How To Plant Mirabelle Plum Trees
Old Green Gage Widely considered the best-flavoured of all plums, a sublime taste experience when you get a good one.
Opal A popular early-ripening plum variety with a good flavour, and very easy to grow.
Oullins Gage The flavour of a true gage yet also easy to grow. Useful for both dessert and culinary uses.
Patterson Pride Fruit is much larger and sweeter than other prairie hardy plums, excellent for fresh eating, baking, jamming, and drying. A healthy tree grows ripe fruit in late summer and will not drop any fruit on the ground.
Pembina An upright tree great for backyards and rural areas. This hardy tree needs to be pollinated by a wild plum tree in order to produce high yields of fruit. Pembina Plum's famously large fruit grows to over 2 inches with thick, acidic skin and sweet flesh. People love this fruit for fresh eating, baking, and preserving.
Pershore A widely grown commercial plum, primarily used for baking, jam, canning and other culinary purposes. Sometimes known as Yellow Pershore or Yellow Egg.
President A popular dual-purpose English plum raised by the famous Rivers Nursery and notable for its large-size and purple skin.
Ptitsin Bred in south-eastern Russia, partially self-fertile. Blossom in late April, very cold hardy and resistant to pests and disease. Ripens in late July weighing in at 30-35 grams per fruit, so pretty hefty red-dark purple skin, yellow flesh, firm, juicy, aromatic and flavourful with hints of apricot and almond. Good for fresh eating as well as cooking.
Queen Rosa A USDA release ripening five to seven days after Santa Rosa. Fruit is similar to Santa Rosa, a dark red-purple plum with red flesh. Queen Rosa has been more productive than Santa Rosa under eastern conditions.
Reine Claude de Bavay The most widely-grown green gage in England, has the distinctive gage-like flavour.
Reine Claude Doree Reine Claude Doree, consider the best of the Gage from France, is a small yellow/green plum ripe in August or September. It has an incredible sweet juicy flavor and is prized by connoisseurs. Choose another Gage plum for pollination.
Reine Claude Violette Excellent rich, sweet gage flavour. Medium sized, round fruit with free stone.
Ruby Queen A USDA release, Ruby Queen blooms with Methley and ripens three to four weeks after Santa Rosa. This variety has been widely tested and shown to adapt well to humid climates. With an outstanding flavor, the fruit has reddish-black skin and a firm red flesh.
Sapalta Red-purple bitter skin and purple-black sweet semi-clingstone flesh. Ripens in late summer. Cross-pollinate with Compass for best fruit set. Good choice for small yards. American plum group. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.
Satsuma The Satsuma plum is a large Japanese variety of dark, solid red skin and dark red flesh. The fruit is firm and juicy. The Satsuma plum needs a pollinator to produce heavy crops in late July to early August. ( 300 Chill Hours)
Shiro One of the very best of yellow plums. Luminous yellow skin covers sweet, juicy flesh. A heavy bearer, Shiro grows clusters of plums all throughout the tree. Heat-tolerant. Clingstone. Introduced to America in 1899. Ripens in late July. Best pollinators: Redheart, Ozark Premier, Starking Delicious or Methley.
Shropshire Prune The definitive English damson, not the best cropping but perhaps the best flavour.
Stanley Stanley is a widely-grown European plum, used mainly for culinary purposes. It is heavy-cropping, and easy to grow.
Toka Toka, also known as Bubblegum Plum, is one of the best pollinatiors of all the plums. The skin is reddish bronze, with richly flavored, spicy sweet, apricot-colored flesh.This hardy tree is moderately vigorous and produces heavy crops that ripen in late August into September. Clingstone
Valor A large dual-purpose late-ripeing self-fertile purple plum from Canada.
Victoria The Victoria plum is a type of English plum. It has a yellow flesh with a red or mottled skin. This plum is a cultivar of the egg plum group. The fruit shape is oval or ovate. The ground color is greenish yellow, mostly covered with a purple color.
Victoria A very popular English plum, especially good for culinary use. Heavy crops of attractive plum-coloured fruit.
Wallis's Wonder Wallis's Wonder is a very late season English plum. It was developed in the 1960s by a Cambridgeshire fruit grower in conjunction with local nursery Simpsons of Fordham, to improve on the well-known but disease-prone Victoria.
Warwickshire Drooper A good quality dual-purpose yellow plum, with heavy crops.
Willingham Willingham Gage is generally considered one of the best flavoured of all gages. It arose in Cambridgeshire in the 19th century and is almost certainly a seedling of Old Green Gage, which is widely grown in that area. Excellent for eating fresh or stewed.
Yellow Egg A synonym for Pershore.
Yellow Pershore A synonym for Pershore.