Item Synonyms Description
Calder Red
Calloway Crab
Calton Sweet
Calvil Crymsky
Calville Blanc d'Hiver The perfect choice for tarte aux pommes, its spicy aromatic flavor makes it one of the world's top culinary apples.
Calville Du Mont d'Or
Calville Rouge
Calville Rouge d'Automne Large, with characteristic ribbed shape. Skin pale red with a tinge of yellow. Sweet, slight strawberry flavor with tender, juicy flesh. Good fresh and for baked apples, keeps its form with a smooth creamy texture.
Calville Rouge D Ete
Calvin This rather large yellow summer variety is superb for dessert or cooking. Traditionally, it was used for making brandy and cider. Ripens in North Georgia in late July or early August.
Camack Sweet
Cambusnethan Pippin
Cameo A modern sweet variety, reminscent of Red Delicious.
Campbell Delicious
Campfield A cider apple of medium size. Skin is smooth and red, with small indistinct yellow spots and side away from the sun is typically greenish yellow. The flesh is white, firm, sweet and rich.   Form is round, flattened and somewhat sunk at the ends.
Canada Red
Canada Reinette
Canadian Gris
Canadian Strawberry
Canavial 14
Candied Apple Weeping Crab
Candy Apple
Candy Crisp Glossy yellow, and generally russet free apple with an extremely mild, somewhat pear-like flavor. Large, conical fruits is occasionally blushed with soft pink.
Candy Stripe
Candy Sweeting
Caney Fork Limbertwig
Canning Yellow
Cannon Pearmain
Cap N Cannons Red June
Cap of Liberty hard Cider
Cappers Pearmain
Captain Davis
Captain Kidd Streaked bright red. Very good flavor, very sweet, juicy.
Cardinal Crab
Cardinal Von Galen Cooking and juice apple. Large, bright red fruit.
Carilina Pippin
Carlos Queen Large, green with red blush.
Carmeliter Reinette Medium-sized, golden fruit flushed red and russeted. Sweet and aromatic.
Carolina Beauty
Carolina June
Carolina Pippin
Carolina Red June A synonym for Red June.
Carroll Excellent eating apple, also for cooking.
Carroll County Pound
Carters Blue Alabama 1840s.
Carters Surprise
Casa Nova De Alco Baca 9
Cascade (Crab)
Cascade Portage
Catawaba North Carolina mid 1800s.
Catawaba Beauty
Cathead Queen
Catshead An ancient English apple, cooks to sharp firm puree. England pre-1600s (possibly much earlier).
Caudle A synonym for Cameo.
Celestia One of the best tasting apples one can find, Firm pale green skin sometimes with a pink or brownish blush, often becoming yellowish in maturity and speckled broadly with very fine dots. It is exceedingly juicy with a luscious, crisp and tender, very pleasant, rich, delicious quality.
Celler Dickstlel
Cellini An unusual Victorian variety, primarily a culinary apple but can be eaten fresh. One of the best examples of the aniseed component of apple flavours.
Centennial Crab Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, a cross of Dolgo Crab and Wealthy, introduced in 1957, Red-yellow, One of the best fresh eating crabs. An excellent ornamental and habitat tree. Strong grower. Midseason
Century 21
Cestra Belferkitaika
Champagne Reinette
Champlain (Nyack)
Champoeg Russet Small apple, yellow skin almost entirely covered with heavy russet. Sometimes has a red blush. Crisp flesh with a superior flavor. Discovered by Rick Valley at Champoeg park in Champoeg, OR.
Charden A modern French apple derived from Golden Delicious but with better disease resistance.
Charles Ross Handsome, juicy, versatile English classic - good for old-fashioned English cooking.
Charleston Pippin
Charly Hall 1
Charly Hall 3
Chatham Sweet
Cheals Golden Gem
Cheals Weeping
Cheddar Cross Medium in size, flattened shape, and indistinctly ribbed at the eye and on the body. The skin is green and covered with russet. The creamy white finely textured flesh is subacid to slightly sweet in flavor. Savory with mellow acidity; crisp, juicy.
Cheerfull Gold A modern English apple variety, derived from Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious.
Cheese Big Flat Yellow
Cheese of Pennsylvania
Chehalis Large greenish yellow apple, usually with a pink blush on exposed side. Resembles Golden Delicious in looks and flavor but larger, crisper and more elongated. Crisp, cream colored flesh. Medium-fine texture. Sweet, slightly honeyed, juicy eating and baking apple.
Cheiftan Jonathan/Red Delicious cross.
Chenango Strawberry Medium to large fruit smooth, yellowish or greenish-white skin striped with crimson. Flesh juicy, mildly subacid, aromatic with a hint of strawberries. Skin smooth and tough. Pick when skin starts to turn milky. New York, mid 1800s. Yellow with red striping, Beautiful fruit with an exaggerated shape. Excellent dessert quality. Annual bearer, ripening over long season. Early-midseason
Cherry Cox A medium size round deep red apple that is consistently productive and has excellent flavor. It is a sport of Cox's Orange Pippen from Denmark. It often shows dark red stripes and splashes of the solid red fruit. Ripens in early October and has a compact spreading growth habit
Cherry Crab
Cherry Pearmain
Cherryville Black This variety was collected by Lee Calhoun in 1987 from Ernest Sellers of Cherryville, NC. It is an unique variety grown by the Sellers family for many years. Believed to be named for Elszy Black, grandfather of Mr. Sellers. Calhoun describes this as one of his favorite late July apples. Fruit medium sized, with greenish skin, covered with dull red and numerous red stripes. White flesh is crisp and very juicy. Ripens late July to August and not a good keeper.
Chesapeake A seedling of Red Rome and has the same characteristics. Tree is medium size and very vigorous, hardy, productive. Ripens in September
Chestnut Crab Malinda X Crab, red yellow, russeted, Delightfully sweet and good-tasting crabapple with white flowers. Vigorous grower. Midseason
Cheswell Crab
Chieftain Fruits are medium in size, round, and bright red. Flesh firm, juicy, white. Flavor subacid, milder than Jonathan but more sprightly than Delicious. Dual purpose, high quality. Keeps well.
Chimney Apple
China 01-28
China 97-03-09
China 97-05-11
Chinese Golden Early
Chinook Small. Cherry red blush over yellow. Outstanding dessert quality. Very long keeper.
Chisel Jersey Cider apple. Fruit green with red flush. Bittersweet flavor.
Chivers Delight Delightful, easy-going apple, sweet, juicy, crunchy - and some aromatic qualitie
Chivers's Seedling A synonym for Histon Favourite.
C.H.M 1
C.H.M 2
C.H.M 3
C.H.M 4
C.H.M 5
C.H.M 6
C.H.M 94
C.H.M D3
C.H.M J1
C.H.M M1
C.H.M M2
C.H.M P114 (Scotty's Prolific) small 2 1/4 inches across, pale yellow sometimes with a very light red blush, very mild tart flavor, crisp fine grained flesh, turns mealy after a few weeks in the refrigerator, bears early and abundantly, regular bearing. Discovered in a fencerow in Salem, OR, Ripens August 30
C.H.M P126 (Tina's Favorite) Probably a seedling of Winter Banana, small yellow apple, very strong aroma, flavor similar to Winter Banana.
C.H.M P24 (Revival) Large, round, yellow apple with brilliant orange and red streaks, very good fine grained flesh. Ripens October 30. Found growing in a fencerow at the Revival Campground in Turner, OR about 1986. Only bore good fruit about one year in four in the wild.
C.H.M P92 (Pioneer) Charcteristicly unevenly shaped apples. Light red with darker stripes and splashes, yellow undercoat. Rich sweet-tart flavor. Excellent, Stores well. Ripens October 1. Found in a fencerow in West Stayton, OR. I got scionwood from this tree in 1988 after I drove through a field litered with very large rocks and, after looking around, found that this tree had been bulldozed over by the farmer. Wagonwheel Orchards say this apple is a “popular choice.”
C.H.M PO 1
Chocolate Coat
Cho You
Christmas Apple A synonym for Lady Apple.
Christmas Delight
Christmas Lady
Christmas Pearmain Nice apple flavour, sweet but with refreshing sharpness, firm rather than crunchy. Ingrid Marie x Golden Delicious.
Christmas Pink a red-flesh apple that is firm and juicy.
Christmas Pippin A modern Cox-style variety, found growing by a roadside.
Chuero Biz Bras
CHuero Ru Bienn
Chussen Rainer
Cider Hybrid
Cider Sweet (Cope)
Cimitiere (De Blangy) hard Cider
Cinnamon Spice Medium sized apple, dark red with some yellow background color. Cinnamon flavored.
Cises Large Winter
Civni A synonym for Rubens.
Claras Creek Apple
Clark of Kentucky
Clarks Orange
Clarks Pearmain
Clark's Seedling An English culinary apple from the 1920s, uncertain origins. Widely known as Royal George.
Claudius Herbstapfel
Claudius Rosenapfel
Claus Winterprinz
Claygate Pearmain A popular Victorian dessert apple, named after the village where it was discovered.
Clay Hole
Clear Gold
Clear Heart
Clifford (redflesh)
Cloud Apple from South Carolina that Kuffel creek reimported from England
CLR 23-30
C.M.R. 2T13 (Perdue)
Coast Apple
Coast Hardy
Coat Jersey Bittersweet hard cider
Cobles Wilder
Cockett's Red A small but pretty red eating apple from Cambridgeshire, with a somewhat sharp flavour which mellows in storage.
Cockle Plppin
Cockpit Improved A Yorkshire cooker, cooks to a sweet puree. An improved version of the original Cockpit.
Coconut Crunch A crisp, hard, winter apple which has a strong resemblance to Northern Spy, one of its parents.
Coes Golden Drop Small, flat, conical fruit; yellow, blushed with bright crimson. Crisp and yellow flesh; very juicy, brisk, sugary and vinous. Susceptible to scab. Ripens August/September
Coeur de Boeuf Another ancient French cooker, cooks to lemon coloured sweet puree
Coffect Beauty
Coffey Seedling
Coker Seedling
Colby Baldwin
Cole Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Cole's Quince Cooking apple in July, eating apple when ripe. Large, ribbed yellow fruit with a firm red juicy flesh. Mild, rich quince flavor and aroma. Very rare.
Collamers 20 OZ
Collins June
Colonel Vaughan
Colora York
Columbia Russet
Colvis Spice The Colvis Spice apple is a russeted apple with a spicy, cinnamon/nutmeg taste.
Commander York
Commercio Collins
Concordia Cider
Conkle Jonathan
Connell Red Very productive, very hardy, large dark red high quality eating apple. Connell Red is a gorgeous Fireside type. A good late keeping apple for northern areas. McIntosh X Longfield
Cookes Seedling
Coombs Wealthy
Coon Creek
Coop 25 A synonym for Scarlett O'Hara.
Coop 29 A synonym for Sundance.
Coop 31 A synonym for WineCrisp.
Coopers Early White
Coopers Market
Coos Bay
Coos Bay Best
Coos River Beauty
Corail A synonym for Pinova.
Cornish Aromatic Old-fashioned variety from Cornwall, some pineapple flavours, very enjoyable
Cornish Gilliflower An important English apple of the Victorian era, with a good sweet aromatic flavour.
Corse Hill
Cortland One of the more successful McIntosh offspring, with all the usual characteristics, including the sweet vinous flavour. New York 1898. Ben Davis X McIntosh, red, Flesh white, slow to discolor on exposure to air. Good all-around apple, favored for cooking and cider. Annual bearer. Mid to Late season
Cortland North Pole
Cortland Red Coat
Cortland Red Spur
Cortland Spur
Cortland Starkspur
Cosmic Crisp Marketed as a new non-GMO non-browning apple, Cosmic Crisp inherits reliability and disease-resistance from Enterprise and crisp flavor from Honeycrisp. Originally known as WA38.
Cottenham Seedling A well-regarded early 20th century cooking apple from the east of England with a good pedigree.
Cotton Patch
Cotton Sweet
County Line
Court Of Wick Small to medium. Conical. Golden yellow skin, blushed red and spotted with russet. Flavor is strong and fruity.
Court Pendu
Court Pendu De France
Court Pendu Gris
Court Pendu Noir
Court Pendu Plat Ancient French dessert variety, rich intense unique flavour
Court Pendu Rose
Court Royal
Cow Jersey hard Cider
Cow Russet
Cow Snout
Cox Kummer
Cox Ley
Cox Queen A synonym for Queen Cox.
Coxs Orange Otago
Cox's Orange Pippin This is the benchmark for flavor in apples - from a good tree in a good year it can achieve exceptional flavor.
Coxs Pomona
Crab C
Cranberry Pippin
Cranberry (South)
Craven Crab
Crawford Seedling
Crawley Beauty Primarily a culinary variety, cooks to a puree with a delicate apple flavour - but can be eaten fresh after storing. Good disease resistance and tolerates a wide range of soil types.
Crawley Relnette
Cream Puff
Creamy Kitaika
Creasy Sweet
Creston Does not color well. Softens in storage. Greasy skin.
Crimson Beauty Fameuse family, red striped, One of the earliest red apples. Nice tart flavor. Good for sauce and cooking.
Crimson Bramley
Crimson Brillant
Crimson Crisp Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Very good, rich flavor. Sweet/sharp flavor, spicy. Originally known as Coop 39.
Crimson Gold this and Wickson are two of Etter's finest varieties, crab hybrids of exceptional dessert and culinary qualities.
Crimson Jonagold
Crimson King
Crimson Peasgood
Crimson Spire
Crimson Superb
Cripps Pink A synonym for Pink Lady.
Cripps Red A synonym for Sundowner.
Crispin A synonym for Mutsu.
Criterion Larger fruit with dark red skin underlaid with stripes. Crisp pure white flesh resists browning when cut. Tart tangy flavor. Dessert quality. Excellent for eating out of hand, cooking, and cider. Washinton 1968.
Crofton Red Delicious shape, Yellow Delicious character. Yellowish green skin with a beautiful distinctive reddish pink blush. Mildly sweet flesh. Good for fresh eating, cooking, freezing, drying.
Crofton Scarlet A synonym for Scarlet Crofton.
Croncels Transparent
Crow Egg Medium to large, roundish and slightly flattened, light yellow with a small amount of red, juicy, slightly sweet, ripe late August.
Crower 30
Crown Jewel
Crown Prince Rudolf
Crystal Blush
Curtis Cheese
Cutleaf Crab
Cybele Delrouval An excellent new variety from France - sweet, crisp, juicy - one of the best mid-season varieties.