Item Synonyms Description
Dab 100
Dabbs Horse
Dabinett A very high quality English cider variety, provides a bittersweet juice for cider making.
Dabinette Bittersweet Cider
Dad Apple
Daddy Rebecca
Dakota Gold ND State Univ., yellow, Large fruit; good for fresh eating and culinary use. Tolerant to fireblight. Annual bearer. Early ripening
Daliclass Essentially an improved Elstar, with a bit more sharpness.
Dalitron A modern yellow apple developed in France. Being promoted in the UK by M&S under the name Amelia.
Dandee Red Bright red. McIntosh flavor. Keeps 3 months (very long for its season).
Danny Boy
Dans Apple
Danvers Winter Sweet
Dapple This variety earned its name from its outlandish appearance: Haloed purplish spots over a yellow background. Horseowners will recognize the reference. A small fruit in the same range as Wickson and Muscat de Venus. It is very pleasant and refreshing; it should appeal to a broad range of palates. Ripens in early November.
D'Arcy Spice An old apple variety from the county of Essex in south-east England with several unusual characteristics, and notable for its spice-like flavour.
Darlene Chapman
D Armoire
Daux Belan
Davenport Russet
Daves Apple
Daves Delight Sweet apple with a spicy, strong, rich, very distinctive flavor and a hard breaking texture; some say it tastes like apple pie. Selected by Dave Orndorf, he extracted seed from a Suncrisp apple from Lynd's Fruit Farm. It is believed to be a cross between Suncrisp and Melrose as these two varieties were planted in alternating rows. Ripens in late September.
Daves Neighbor
Daves Old Red
Davey Highly colored, bright red, distinctly flavored, of Baldwin texture and keeping qualities. Good, brisk taste, hint of strawberry flavor, crisp and juicy. McIntosh open pollinated, red, High quality fruit with distinctive flavor. Keeps all winter. Resistant to scab. Mid to late season
David Crab
David Schectler
Davidson Sweeting Discovered in 1994 by Dr. L.R. Littleton, this old apple tree was found, barely clinging to life, in the old Berrier Orchard near Cana, Virginia. Renee Berrier told Dr. Littleton that the original grafts were brought into Virginia from Davidson County, North Carolina in the 1800’s. The apple has been long prized by the Berrier family for making outstanding apple preserves. Fruit is medium in size, somewhat oblate, with light yellow skin with light red striping. Ripens in August.
Davids Winter
Davis (Avery)
Dawn A good-looking dessert variety, fairly sharp flavour
Dawn Mac
Dayton Fruit is medium-large, full red and sweet.
Dazzling Sue
Deacon Jones
Dean Watts Scion
Dearborn Early
Dearborns Unknown
De Bouteville Sweet cider apple. Medium size, round. Green maturing to yellow, washed pale red, often with a bright red flush.
Decio Roman apple
Decio Probably the oldest variety in existence, thought to date back to Roman time
Deep Eye in my hunt for heritage apple trees I occasionally meet people who have amazing seedling apple trees at their homes (all the old heritage trees were once great seedlings); this is one of them; the apple is deep red, firm, tart, and great for any use. It has very deep blossom and stem cavities.
Deep Red
Deer Creek Crab
De Estre
De La Bretonme
Delbard Estivale A synonym for Estivale.
Delblush A synonym for Tentation. Medium, oblong, conical shape. Golden yellow with orange blush. Lenticels prominent. Crisp, firm, and juicy. Sweet, subacid, intensely aromatic to some. Keeps well.
Del Cirio
Delcon Full sized, dark red fruits shaped like a Delicious. Sweet, crisp, juicy, white flesh. Good fresh and for pies. Keeps into the winter.
Delcorf A synonym for Estivale.
Delicious One of the most famous and important American apple varieties. The original Delicious has a flavor that many find superior to the numerous sports such as Red Delicious that have been developed from it.
Delicious De Voinesti
Delicious Mercer
Delicious Red Original
Delight Abite
Deli Russet
Delkers Glorie
Delprim A good quality early-season variety, developed by the Delbard nursery in France, with an interesting pedigree. Deserves to be more widely grown.
Derman Black Stayman
Derman Paragon 3-6-6
Derman Paragon 6 33
Derman Stayman
Derman Stayman 3-6-6
Derman Stayman 6 33
Derman Winesap 2-4-4
Detroit Red An old-time favorite for those who like a tart juicy apple. Great for fresh eating, cider, applesauce and drying. A medium size apple colored green with a red blushing. Ripens late July to early August. Curious ridges about the calyx.
Devonshire Crimson Queen
Devonshire Quarrenden A very old English apple variety, historically important because of its strawberry-like flavour.
Dewdney's Seedling Medium to large, round to round conic. The base colour is green, blushed pale red and marked with darker red striping. The eye is small to medium and partly open, ste in a shallow and narrow basin. The stem is medium long and somewhat slender, set in a deep and funnel shaped cavity.
Diamond Jubilee Sharp puree, crisp juicy dessert later in seaso
Dice Crab
Diehl 1
Diltaya From Gueen
Dip Crossing
Directeur Lesage
Discovery A popular English early apple variety, and a good choice for the garden.
Diwa A synonym for Junami.
Dixie Red Delight
Dixie Sweet
Dobbins Apple
Dobbs Horse
Doch Diany
Doc Pippin
Doctor Harvey Originates from East Anglia in the 1600s. Named after Dr Gabriel Harvey of Cambridge.
Doctor Matthews Red and red-striped skin with fine crisp, juicy, creamy flesh. It has a mild but aromatic flavor. An excellent keeper.
Dodd Banana A specialty apple with a banana aroma; hardier than its purported parent. Good all-purpose apple.
Dog's Snout A primitive green culinary apple, peculiar to the county of Yorkshire.
Dolgo Crab DolgoVery cold hardy crab. High in pectin. Used for rootstocks.
Domaine Bitter hard cider
Donnton Pippin
Dooleys White Pippin
Dorsell Marcus
Dorsett Golden A remarkable early-season apple, well-adapted to tropical climates and with a very low chill requirement. A low chill variety to cross pollinate with Anna, Dorsett Golden has beautiful color with a sprightly taste good for fresh eating, canning, cooking and freezing. Ripens in late July to early August.
Dorthea Crab
Doss Blushing June
Double Bon Pommier
Doucet Rouge
Doux Amr
Doux Normandy
Doux Tardif
Downing 1
Downing 2
Downing Tart
Downing Winter Maidenblush
Drain Canyon
Drap D'Or Guemene
Dr Beach Winter Hanger
Dr Bill
Dr Bushs Sweet
Drew Brook
Dr Harvey
Dr Matthews Indiana 1800s.
Dr Seeling Golden
Dubbele Zoete AAGT
Duchess Russian, red striped, yellow blush, Medium to large size, pleasant taste, excellent cooking quality. Early to midseason
Duchess of Oldenburg An attractive early-season apple, originating from Russia in the 18th century, and now quite widely grown in northern Europe and the USA.
Duchess's Favourite Duchess's Favourite is a small red traditional summer eating apple from the 19th century.
Ducks Bill
Dudley Duchess open pollinated, yellow, red stripes, Big, attractive. Makes great sauce and baked apple. Midseason
Dudleys Winter
Dufflin hard Cider
Duke of Devonshire An important Victorian apple with a distinctive fruity flavour, and often russeted. Continues to be quietly popular.
Dula Beauty good disease resistance, produces very large apples, native to western NC
Dulcet Deep red apple with a faint stripe and pronounced lenticels. Flesh is white, crisp and enhanced with a mild, sweet flavor that is very aromatic.
Dumeller's Seedling A synonym for Dumelow's Seedling.
Dumelow's Seedling Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Duncan Greening
Dunkerton Late Sweet
Dunns Favorite
Dunns Seedling
Dutch Mignonne
Dymock Red Sharp Cider