Item Synonyms Description
Fallawater Good sauce and culinary apple. Large, green fruit turning to light green upon ripening. Sometimes over 6 inches in diameter. Subacid to mildly sweet flavor.
Fall Harvey
Fall Orange Massachusetts 1770.
Fall Pippin Large, yellow fall apple. Good flavor and keeper. Flesh tender, rich and of very good quality. Excellent for eating but especially desirable for culinary use. Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Fall Premium
Fall Queen
Fall Red
Fall Rose
Fall Russet
Fall Sweet
Fall Wine
Falstaff Popular garden apple tree, very heavy crops, easy to grow, very juicy.
Fameuse A very hardy apple variety. Also known as the Snow Apple of Quebec, from plantings in early French settlements in Quebec.
Fancy Prairie
Fanny Pennsylvania before 1869.
Farmers Early Sweet Yellow Transparent type, by the time I picked them, they were very soft, may be better if picked earlier.
Farmer Spy
Father Abraham
Faust Winter
Fawn River Sweet
Fearns Ave. Pippin Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Fearn's Pippin An attractive old English dessert variety from the 18th century.
Feltham Beauty An early season English apple, ripens in mid-August. The flavour is sweeter than most early varieties.
Fence Row
Fennouillet Rose
Fenouillet de Ribours
Fenouillet Gris
Fenouillet Rouge
Ferina Pippin
Fernand Cognet
Feys Record
Field's Apple
Field Spy
Fiesta One of the best Cox-style apples, and much easier to grow. Often marketed as Red Pippin.
Filippa Considered one of the best seedlings of Gravenstein.
Fillbarrel Bittersweet Cider
Finkenwerder Herbstprinz
Finsons Orange
Firecracker This is a trademarked name for Bill's Red Fleshed apple. It also goes by Scarlet Surprise, another trademarked name. One of the most striking examples of a red-fleshed apple variety. The red tendency dominates this apple, with not only the skin and flesh but also the leaves, wood, and blossoms all having a very pronounced red stain to them.
Fireside Large conical fruit. Green skin with scarlet stripes and sometimes a mottled orange flush. Crisp, sweet, juicy greenish white to yellow flesh. Excellent eating apple. McIntosh X Longfield, red, striped, An excellent dessert apple. A good keeper and resistant to cedar-apple rust. Late ripening
Firmgold Flesh is fine textured and very sweet. Good russet resistance. Sizes easily to 3" and hangs well on the tree.
Fisell Golden
Five Crown Pippin Medium size. Green.
Flamboyante A synonym for Mairac.
Flamenco A columnar or ballarina style apple variety.
Flat Apple
Flat Fall Cheese
Flat Fallwater
Flat Top
Flavour Gold
Fletcher Sweet
Florina Medium to large. Very attractive purple-red over yellow. Medium firm. Aromatic. Keeps well.
Flower of Kent A synonym for Sir Isaac Newton's Tree. Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Floyd Richmond
F McFarland Red Apple From the homestead of F. McFarland, an early Kansas settler.
FO 59-4 (Romania)
Forest King
Forest Streaked
Forest Winter
Forfar Versatile cooker, recommended for apple charlotte
Form 35 (33-01) Kaz. (RW)
Fort Elkton
Fort Mac Mac Fort MacCold hardy mac apple
Forts Prize Originated by John D. Fort and grown in the early 1900s in his orchard near Mountain City, Georgia. Fort’s Prize was awarded several prizes in the 1908 National Apple Show in Spokane, Washington. A medium to large apple with dark crimson skin. The flesh is whitish yellow.
Fort Umpqua
Fortune A synonym for Laxton's Fortune. A very good North American eating apple with a "spicy" flavor. Fruit large, with an attractive color. Flesh yellow. Subject to bitter pit.
Fort Vancouver
Forty Shillings
Forward (BRJ)
Forward Sour
Forward Streak
Foster's Seedling A surprisingly good-looking Victorian cooking apple, which cooks to a very sharp puree
Fountain Pippin
Fox Hill
Foxwhelp Dusky red skin, flesh is considered bitter sharp. Strictly for cider.
Fraas Zomercalville
Franc Roseau
Franklin Well-colored fruit. Tender, crisp flesh, mild flavor. Resembles shape of Delicious, but far superior in eating quality.
Frauen Rotacher Medium sized fruit with greenish-yellow skin flushed and striped with red and with russet dots. Flesh is firm, crisp, white and fine-textured with a sweet subacid flavor.
Frazier Yellow
Freadman Henery
Freds Redflesh
Freedom Good multi-use apple. Medium to large red fruit on almost invisible yellow skin. Crisp, juicy, sweet, good-tasting flesh. Subacid, sprightly flavor.
Freeman Hybred (redflesh)
Freiherr Von Beriepsch
French Crab
French Pippin
French Reinette
Frequin Audievre
Frequin Lacaille
Frequin Rouge Bitter hard cider
Frequin Tardlve De La Sarthe
Fresh Candy Rick Godsil III planted a McIntosh seedling (at wagon Wheel Orchard) from his Ggrandfather Charles Greuel`s orchard (Macomb, Illinois) in 2005. The apple tastes like tangy candy! Ripens over a long period Sept-Oct.
Frettingham Victoria
Freyberg The sweetness of Golden Delicious married to strong flavour of Cox - but takes after Golden Delicious. Also known as Freyburg.
Fromms Reinette
Fromos De Voinesta
Frostbite One of the first varieties developed by the University of Minnesota, but only released around 2008. Previously known as MN 447. Frostbite has played an important role in the development of many other cold-hardy varieties.
Fuero Rous
Fuji Red
Fuji Spur
Fuji Yakata sport of Fuji, Ripens one month before Fuji