Item Synonyms Description
G 22
Gala One of the most widely-grown apple varieties, with a sweet pleasant flavour, and good keeping qualities. 1920s New Zealand. A Kidd`s Orange Red and Golden Delicious cross
Gala Big Red
Gala Grand
Gala Imperial
Gala Kidds D8
Gala Red
Gala Regal
Galarina Small to medium size. Variable reddish coloring over green-yellow (when not fully colored). Some ribbing. Five-pointed calyx end. Smooth, thick, tough skin. Keeps 4+ months in excellent condition, holding flavor better than Gala.
Gala Royal
Gala Scarlet
Gala Spur
Gala Spur Red
Gala Starks Grand
Gala Supreme Similar to Gala with striped red color and a snappy sweet flavor.
Gale Spur Red
Gallia Beauty
Galloway Pippin A good quality Scottish cooking apple.
Gano Fruit has light yellow skin that is striped and flushed red. It turns purple-red upon ripening. Flesh firm, crisp and juicy, subacid flavor.
Garden Fortune CHM
Garden (Gaber)
Garden Green
Garden Royal Very balanced, mild, and subacidic. Light yellow with splashes of orange, green, and red. It is considered by many to be one of the best eating apples of late summer and early autumn. The flesh is firm, very tender, aromatic, and with a delicate, pleasant acid flavor.
Garden Royale Very balanced, mild, and subacidic. Light yellow with splashes of orange, green, and red.  It is considered by many to be one of the best eating apples of late summer and early autumn. The flesh is firm, very tender, aromatic, and with a delicate, pleasant acid flavor.
Garden Sweet
Gardner Kansas Apple A Kansas farmstead seedling
Garland A disease resistant McIntosh type.
Gary Watters Golden
Gascoyne's Scarlet Cider apple producing a pinkish juice.
Gaver Jubilant
Gavin Early attempt to breed a scab-resistant dessert apple, surprisingly good sweet/sharp flavour - an under-rated apple
GDWFI (PI12556990)
Geeveston Fanny
Geheimrath Breuhahan
Gemini This outstanding new variety produces crisp, juicy apples that are excellent for fresh eating. Medium to large fruit ripen in late August and store well until the New Year. Cold hardy to zone 3
Genet Moyle
Geneva 163
Geneva Black
Geneva Crab
Geneva Early
Geneva Ontario
Gentry Stripe
George Botner
George Carpenter The color is a brighter yellow and the scarlet more abundant, brighter and deeper.
George Cave A very early English apple, popular as a garden apple variety.
George Dean Old Green
George Nelson
George Stone
George Webster
Gernes Red Acre Glossy deep red skin encloses firm yellow flesh. Good flavor and an excellent keeper. Heat resistant.
Geyser Rose
Ghost Apple Completely white skin and flesh with sweet, sub-acid flavor, a taste pleaser at several fruit tastings. Does well in hot climates. Low-chill, but high chill adaptable. Patented, Zaiger Genetic.
Giant Crab
Giant Russian Crab
Giant Winesap
Gibbs Golden Gage
Gideon Sweet
Gilbert Gold Crisp, juicy, and sweet with more flavor than its parent. Hangs well on the tree.
Gilliflower of Gloucester
Gilpin hard cider
Ginger Gold Golden Delicious X Albemarle Pippin, yellow with red blush, Sweet-tart, firm, crisp. Excellent for eating, baking, and sauce. Slow to oxidize. Keeps 2-3 months in cold storage. Midseason
Gladstone An old English summer apple, dating back to the 1780s, but re-introduced in 1868 by Mr Jackson of Blakedown Nursery as Jackson's Seedling. Renamed Gladstone in 1883.
Glanz Reinette
Glass Apple A synonym for Yellow Transparent.
Glass King
Glass Late Red
Gllpin a cider apple also suitable for dessert use. The flesh is firm, yellow and rich, not fit for eating until mid-winter when it becomes juicy, tender and finely flavored.
Glockenapfel A very old European apple variety with a distinctive bell-like shape.
Gloria Mundi
Gloria Von Holland
Gloriosa (Red Wood)
Glory of Boskoop
Gloster Conic shape, attractive fully red fruit with calyx end shoulder bumps. Larger, mostly 3" diameter. Good flavor, crisp flesh. Tarter flavor than Delicious.
Gloster 69
Gloster Greening
Glow Crab
Glowing Coal
Glowing Heart
GMAL 1389
Gold Blush
Gold Boy Giant
Gold Canel
Gold Egg
Golden 42
Golden Ball
Golden Banana
Golden Bittersweet
Golden Cedar Apple
Golden Delicious Undoubtedly one of the most important apple varieties of the 20th century, both as a commercial variety in its own right, and as breeding stock for many other varieties. Very good flavor when home-grown.
Golden Delicious Gibson
Golden Delicious Improved
Golden Delicious Razor
Golden Delicious Smoothie
Golden Delicious Yakamaspur
Golden Earl Very hard, yellow apple. The flesh is very coarse and dryish. The flavor has components of both Honeygold and Haralson with the crunchiness of Northwestern Greening. Interesting traits of this apple are the ripeness bumps and deep calyx.
Golden Early
Golden Fortune
Golden Gem
Golden Glo
Golden Glory
Golden Haralson Gold apple with pink blush on side of apple facing the sun. Taste similar to Haralson - mildly tart.
Golden Harvest
Golden Harvey Intense, sweet, sharp-flavored russet apple famous for strong cider.
Golden Hornet Bitter hard cider
Golden Improved
Golden Jorden
Golden Mellon
Golden Noble A sweet-flavoured cooking apple, and a good tree for the garden.
Golden Nugget A small, broadly conical, long-stemmed predominately yellow fruit with orange streaks and splashes. Crisp, juicy flesh with extra sweet, rich, mellow flavor. Fine for eating out of hand, excellent for pies, sauce and apple butter. Short keeping life.
Golden Pearmain An extremely good eating apple of medium size and rather flat form. The skin is rough with a large portion of bright russet mingled with red toward the sun when fully ripe. The flesh is rich, tender and rather dry. It is a good uniform bearer. Valuable for cider and for family use.
Golden Pippin Yellow colored with a sharp, intense fruity flavor. 1629 Sussex, England, Medium size fruit. Shape intermediate, rectangular to truncate-conic, convex, not ribbed. Skin golden with a deeper tinge, dotted with russet and white. Flesh firm, crisp, yellow. Flavor sweet, subacid, rich, good for cider and dessert. Ripens Sept.
Golden Precoce
Golden Reinette A very old variety, popular in 18th and 19th centuries, a pleasant mild dry flavour.
Golden Russet Golden Russet is usually considered as one of the best-flavored of the American russet apples. New Jersey 1700s.
Golden Spire A good quality yellow cooking apple.
Golden Spires Crab
Golden Square
Golden Sunset
Golden Supreme Yellow with pink blush, medium to large fruit, ideally conic but often somewhat oblate. White to light-cream colored flesh is firm, moderately crisp, and juicy to very juicy. The flavor is sweet to mildly sweet and pleasant with little or no detectable acid.
Golden Sweet Dessert and excellent sauce apple. Good for cider. Medium-large pale yellow fruit with very sweet, juicy, rich flavor.
Golden Uralian
Golden Winesap
Goldfinch Crab
Goldgelb 55544
Goldjon Carlton 35F
Gold Medal
Goldo 1066
Goldreinette V. (Caziz)
GoldRush A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance.
Gold Spur
Good Green
Goodland Excellent eating apple and a delicious and aromatic sauce apple. Roundish red and yellow fruit. Flesh crisp, juicy, tender.
Goof A round, medium sized apple, pale green overlaid with deep purplish-red, and faint yellow streaks. White flesh is crisp, juicy and moderately subacid.
Goolsby Cider hard Cider
Goose Apple
Goose Pasture
Gordon Larson
Goude Reinette
Gragg disease resistant tree, native to NC mountans
Graham Spy
Grand Duke Constantine Sharp or Bittersharp Cider
Grandma (Cope)
Grandma Greuels Crabapple
Grand Mother Cheese
Grand Pap
Grandpas Cider
Granges Pearmain
Granite Beauty
Granite Belt 63 43
Granny Barns
Granny Goldsmith
Granny Layne
Granny Mac
Granny Morgan
Granny Neighbors
Granny Rogers
Granny Shan
Granny Smith The most instantly-recognised of all apples, and perhaps Australia's most famous export.
Granny Smith Red
Grav. Chitwood
Grav. Early
Grav. East Coast
Gravenstein A very old apple of European origin believed to have originated in the 1600's with Duke Augustenberg of Castle Graefenstein ( Gravenstein) in Germany. It was introduced into the United States in the 1820's by Russian settlers moving into California. An oblong or lopsided fruit having bright yellow skin with a pinkish-orange flush and light red striping. The creamy yellow flesh is tender, crisp, juicy, and aromatic. A triploid, which means it has three sets of 17 chromosomes. Triploids produce very little viable pollen and cannot be used as pollinators. For their own successful pollination and good crops they need at least one or two diploids. Ripens July to August in most areas and is not a good keeper.
Gravenstein Black
Gravenstein Blood Red
Gravenstein Candy Stripe
Gravenstein Millers NY
Gravenstein October
Gravenstein Red
Gravenstein Rosebrook
Gravenstein Schwarts
Gravenstein Sheets
Gravenstein Solid Red
Gravenstein Striped
Gravenstein Washington
Gravenstein Washington Red
Gravenstein Winter
Gravenstein Worthen
Gravenstein Yellow
Grav. Fall
Grav. Fred
Grav. Green
Grav. Late
Grav. New York
Grav. Solid Red (J.R.)
Grav. Starr
Gray Pearmain
Gray Pippin
Greasy Coat
Greasy Pippin
Greasy Skin (Green)
Greasy Sweet
Great Unknown
Green Balsam A 19th century variety grown in a small part of the county of North Yorkshire, and known as "the farmer's wife's apple".
Green Bellflower
Green Brown Keeper
Green Buckingham
Green Cheese
Green Chisel
Green Harvey An old green dual-purpose apple with a sweet-sharp flavour. This is probably not related to Harvey or Golden Harvey varieties.
Green Horse (Plum Tree)
Green Keeper
Green Lane
Greenmeadows Coxs Orange 1163
Green Newtown Pippin
Green Peak Spy 1
Green Pearmain
Green Pippin
Green River
Green Russet a highly praised apple from south of Stony Point, NC; large, green with streaks of russet, tart, ripe early September, for pies and applesauce
Green Sheepnose
Green Skin (Fender)
Green Skin Pippin
Green Skin Sweet
Greensleeves A good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour.
Green Sweet A desirable late keeping apple excellent for either eating or culinary use. It holds it's flavor and remains crisp, brittle and juicy until spring. Skin grass-green becoming a pretty yellow with a thin brownish red blush in highly colored specimens. Flesh greenish-white, tender, fine grained, juicy, very sweet.
Green Witch
Grenadier If you want an early-season English cooking apple, this is the one - good flavour for all sorts of culinary uses, very easy to grow, and crops well.
Griifith Gold
Grimes Golden Great historical interest as the probable parent of Golden Delicious, with similar sweet flavour and good keeping qualities, and widely planted during early 20th century.
Grimes Late
Grise Dieppois
Gris Pontoise
Grissom Golden Pippin
Groniger Kroen
Gros Api
Gros Bois
Gros Frequin
Grosse Launette
Grosse Mouche
Gross Richard
Grots Liebling
Grove Fruit is medium large, conic in shape, having a dull finish, striped orange-red over yellow green. The flesh is pale cream color, very sweet and juicy.
Gruzhovka of Moscow
Gypsy Gold