Item Synonyms Description
Ice so named because of its clear almost translucent whitish color; a beautiful large apple with a very “clean” tart taste; found in Iredell Co., NC, ripe in August.
Ice Cream
Idared Idared is notable for its exceptional keeping qualities. It has a pleasant mild but undistinguished apple flavor.
Ikorocavka Alaja
Imperial Battleford
Imperial Red
Imperial Stayman
Improved Bevan
Improved Dove Bittersweet Cider
Improved Foxwhelp
Improved Lambrook Pippin
Improved Winesap
Improved Winterjon
Inanoaklin Sweet
Indian Magic Crab
Indian Summer
Indo A very sweet variety from Japan.
Ingram Originated before 1855 by Martin Ingram near Springfield, Missouri. Probably a seedling of the old Virginia apple Ralls Janet. Sold by southern nurseries from 1902-1926.
Ingrid Marie A Cox-style apple from Denmark, quite popular in northern Europe.
Initial Initial is an early/mid-season disease-resistant variety from France, related to Gala.
Iowa Beauty
Iowa Blush
Irish Peach A very early season apple, thought to come from Ireland, and a popular garden variety in the UK. Irish seedling X Yellow Transparent
Iron Black
Isayevs Desertny1
Island Dream
Islay Pippin
Isle of Wight Pippin Smallish flat fruit; orange flush, some russet. Flesh tinted green; scented. early flowering but matures late. Sweet-sharp Nonpareil taste. Used in ciders in the 1800s.
Itzstedster Apfel Pastel yellow with pastel pink cheek. Quite unusual, sweet-tart flavor with a hint of almond.
Iva Crab
Ivorys Double Vigour