Item Synonyms Description
Lady Apple Lady, or Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor, and many decorative uses.
Lady Blush
Lady Eve
Lady Finger
Lady Finger of Offaly
Lady Henniker A well-regarded large late-season Victorian apple variety, primarily a cooker.
Lady Hollendale An attractive crimson-striped early-season English apple, originating in East Anglia.
Lady in Red A synonym for Pink Lady.
Ladys Finger of Lancaster
Lady Skin
Ladys Sweeting
Lady Sudeley A well-known and attractive English early-season apple from the late Victorian era.
Lady Washington
Lady Williams An attractive red flushed Australian apple of uncertain parentage, but with excellent keeping qualities.
La Fame
Lakeland Medium sized fruit dark red striped. Flesh is yellow sometimes slightly tinged with red. Fine textured, juicy, and mildly acid. Excellent for pies and sauce. Good all-purpose apple. Good keeper, keeping until December.
Lamb Abbey Pearmain 1804 England, Seedling of Newtown Pippin. Small to medium size red striped fruit. Crisp, juicy, sugary, yellowish white flesh. Excellent flavor, ripens in September.
Lambert Colville
Lambert Krymsk 5
Lambrook Pippin
Lancashire Pippin
Landsberger Reinette
Lane's Prince Albert A classic Victorian English cooking apple, and remains a popular garden variety.
Lange Bellefleur
Langley Pippin
Langton's Nonsuch An old English variety, originating in Church Langton, Leicestershire, from which its name derives.
Lanny Sweet
La Paix
Lare Queen
Large Fruited Crab
Large Yellow Siberian
Larrys Pride
La Salle
Las O'Gowrie
Late Harrison Medium in size and round to oblong in shape, the yellow skin has black dots, and the yellow flesh is coarse and dry. This is NOT the Harrison apple. Named after Al Harrison. Large, oblong, green, Susceptable to red spot. Pick in early September while still green and ripen in the crisper until Christmas, when they turn bright yellow and sweet, and the flesh is very crisp and juicy. Do not ripen on the tree, because they won't taste good! Discovered in a fencerow accross the road from Al's orchard in Salem, OR.
Late Strawberry
Late Transparent
Laura Ellis
Laura Red
Lawsons Codllng
Lawsons Seedling
Lawyer (Lawver)
Laxton's Epicure A synonym for Epicure.
Laxton's Fortune A popular English Cox-style variety, with a sweeter flavour and easier to grow, raised by the famous Laxton Bros. nursery in Bedford, UK. A medium round to conical apple, with attractive red stripes when ripe. Extremely juicy and sweet; ready mid-September and stores to early November. One of the best flavoured English apples. Trees sometimes appear unhealthy through lack of vigour, but little trouble with disease.
Laxtons Herold
Laxtons Leader
Laxtons Pioneer
Laxtons Reward
Laxtons Royalty
Laxton's Superb The definitive late Victorian dessert apple, firm, Cox-style but sweeter, understated but very "more-ish".
Leafland Greening
Leather Coat Medium, golden-yellow skin covered with russeting. Sweet-sharp intense flavor.
Leathercoat Russet
Le Bret
Lee 16
Lee 21
Lehigh Greening
Lemans Large
Lemon Pippin Good for drying. Small, yellow dotted fruit with greenish-white, crisp, acid flesh.
Lemon Roy
Lemon Twig
Leonard Transparent
Lewis Green
Lewis Incomparable
Liaofu (China)
Libee 1
Liberty Liberty is a hybrid apple cultivar developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. It was a seedling produced in 1955 from pollinating 'Macoun' from 'Purdue 54-12' for the sake of acquiring Malus floribunda disease resistances. It was first released to the public in 1978.
Liestnaya Anoinoffku
Limbertwig Medium size and deep or dull red color. Flesh is yellowish, hard, aromatic.
Limbertwig Alberta
Limbertwig American
Limbertwig Ashford
Limbertwig Black
Limbertwig Brushy Mt
Limbertwig Caney
Limbertwig Carolina
Limbertwig Fall
Limbertwig Green
Limbertwig Hanging Dog
Limbertwig Kentucky
Limbertwig Levering
Limbertwig Little
Limbertwig Mountain
Limbertwig Myers Green
Limbertwig Myers Royal
Limbertwig Nanthailia Red
Limbertwig Red
Limbertwig Royal Red
Limbertwig Ruby
Limbertwig Rusty Coat
Limbertwig Seedling
Limbertwig Slattons
Limbertwig Slemp
Limbertwig Smokey Mountain
Limbertwig Summer
Limbertwig Summer Yellow
Limbertwig Sweet
Limbertwig Swiss
Limbertwig Victoria Sweet
Limbertwig Virginia
Limbertwig Watts
Limbertwig Weavers Red
Limbertwig White
Limbertwig Yellow
Limelight Developed by UK apple breeder H. Ermen, based on the Greensleeves apple from East Malling Research Station.
Limoni di Casina From Italy - name translates as Lemons of Casina
Lincolnville Russet
Lindamac One hundred percent red, otherwise same as McIntosh.
Linda Sweet
Lindsay Russet
Litevsky Jadernac
Lith Pippin
Lithuanian Apricot
Little Benny
Little Pax A new English apple variety, recently discovered at St. Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight.
Little Rose Blush
Liveland Strawberry (Liveland Rasberry?) Russian, Yellow with blush, Large, round and tender white-fleshed fruit. Good for sauce. Early ripening
Livi Shampan
Lloyds Russet Seedling
Lobo A McIntosh-style apple from Canada, generally believed to be better all-round than its parent. Large apple with fine-textured white flesh, good quality for eating and baking. Sells well at roadside stands. Tree bears at a young age. Eatrly-midseason
Lodi An attractive yellow early-season apple with a sharp flavor, best used for cooking. Very similar to Yellow Transparent, but larger and stores better. Montgomery X Yellow Transparent.
Lodi spur type
Lombart's Calville Medium-large yellow fruit. Sweet, juicy, rich flavor.
London Pippin
Long Green
Longney Russet
Long One
Long Reinette
Long Stem
Lonnies Big Red
Lonnies Summer Giant
Loop Giant Spy
Loop Red Spy
Loop Rome 2-2-2-4
Loop Russet Baldwin
Loop Spy 2244
Loop Wealthy 2244
Lord Burghley A well-regarded Victorian winter dessert apple, and an excellent keeper.
Lord Derby A popular good-quality English cooking apple of the Victorian era.
Lord Hindlip A versatile English dessert variety from the late Victorian era, and one of the longest-keeping apples.
Lord Lambourne Popular garden variety, many uses, good balance of sweet and sharp. Regular steady crop, average to large size apples, moderate disease resistance, can be stored to November, compact, nicely shaped tree.
Lord Lennox
Lord Peckover An early-season apple, originating from the East Anglia region of England, with an attractive crimson flushed skin.
Lord Seedling
Lord Stradbroke
Lord Suffield
Lord Wolsiey
Lorna Doone
Louise Bonne De Jersey
Lowland Raspberry
Lubec 1
Lubsk Queen White porcelain-like skin with splashes and blushes of bright pink and red. Firm, tart snow-white flesh. Brisk flavor.
Lucombes Pine
Lugar Red
Lutes Great Keeper
Lyle Bonner
Lyman Prolific hard Cider
Lyman's Large Summer Large, green fruit ripens yellow. Firm, crisp, and juicy.
Lynchs Pear Apple
Lynchs Strawberry
Lynchs Sugar Apple