Item Synonyms Description
Mabbots Pearmain
Mabel Kagel
Macfree McIntosh X PRI-38-177, Red, A new, disease-resistant variation of McIntosh. Early ripening
Maclean's Favourite A high quality late-season dessert apple with a rich sweet-sharp flavour. The tree is a heavy cropper but can be disease-prone.
Macoun Another McIntosh style apple variety from the famous Geneva Research Station, and considered one of the better ones. Deep red, Similar to McIntosh. Good eating. Flesh is white, highly flavored, aromatic. Midseason. McIntosh X Jersey Black
Macspur McIntosh sport, red, A spur-type McIntosh with heavier yields. Midseason
Mac Wild Spur
Madison Mammoth
Madona crab
Madresfield Court
Magnolia Gold
Magnum Bonum Medium, slightly oblate, red with yellow background, mildly tart, great flavor, ripe late September.
Magnum Gala Larger apples than Gala.
Magog Redstreak
Maiden's Blush Cooking, dessert and cider apple, also dries well. Flat, round pale yellow-skinned fruit with crimson blush. Crisp, tender flesh with sharp acid flavor that mellows with ripening.
Maid of Kent
Maigold Crisp, juicy flesh; mildly subacid, sweet flavor. Slightly honeyed, mellowing to a citrus taste in storage. Bruise resistant. Keeps well in storage.
Mairac A modern Swiss apple, derived from Gala and Maigold and released in 2002.
Major Bittersweet hard cider
Major C
Major Crunch
Malinda Yellow apple with slight taste of pears. Not widely grown today, but parent of many University of Minnesota bred apples.
Malinda Crab
Malling A synonym for Kent.
Malt Bagevskli
Maltster A 19th century dual-purpose variety, with a very modern red-streaked appearance
Mammoth Black Twig
Mammoth Crab
Manch Rouge
Manchurian Crab
Manitoba Duchess X Tolman Sweet, Yellow with scarlet blush, Fine-grained melting white flesh with spicy flavor, very good cooking quality. A vigorous grower. Late ripening
Manitoba Spy
Manks Codlin
Mann (Big Horse Creek Farm) Originated as a chance seedling in 1850 in the orchard of Judge Mooney of Oswego County, New York. It was introduced into Niagara County, New York by a Dr. Mann and later named for him by the Western New York State Horticultural Society. Fruit medium to large with greenish to deep yellow skin and sometimes lightly covered with patches of russet. Flesh is yellow, firm, and juicy. Ripens late fall and keeps into the early spring.
Mannington Pearmain
Mantet An early-season apple variety from Canada. Amber, washed and striped red, Excellent for fresh eating, sweet and juicy with pleasant flavor. Tree upright and productive. Tetovsky X McIntosh
Marachal hard Cider
March 1
Marcoun An old Italian apple variety, with a sweet flavour which keeps very well.
Margaret (Big Horse Creek Farm) A very old variety originating in England and sold in the South for many years as Striped June or Early Striped June. Margaret is characterized by its small to medium size with an oblong to slightly conical shape. The skin is yellow with dark red striping concentrated most at the stem end. The crisp, white flesh is tender, juicy, and quite flavorful for an early season apple. Ripens June to July.
Margil pre 1750 Europe) Known in England since 1750 but thought to have originated somewhere in Europe. Medium size fruit, yellowish orange, deep red streaks, some russet. Firm, sweet, rich. One of the best flavored dessert apples
Maribor 2439
Marie Joseph D'Othee
Marie Menard
Marigold Schin H6 (Swiss)
Marin Onfroy hard Cider
Marks Sweet
Marlin Stephens Red and yellow, Large, juicy, good for dessert and culinary use. Midseason
Marlyns Delight
Marriage Maker
Martha's Crab
Martha x Dolgo Crab
Martini VH430
Mary Potter Crab
Mary Reid
Maude Hyatt Seedling
Mausbys Fine Winter
Max Trio
May of Virginia
Maypole Maypole is a crab-apple that's notable for its beautiful blossoms, columnar growth habit, and good quality red-fleshed fruit.
May Queen
Mays Apple
McCleay Medium sized, flattened round, red. Tart, melting flesh. Discovered in a fencerow in McCleay, OR, Ripens September 25
McClintock Grimes
McCoy Red Winter
McDonald Crab
McGhees Seedling
McIntosh A crisp red apple with bright white flesh and refreshing sweet flavor. Large fruit. Midseason. Fameuse X Detroit Red
McIntosh Boiler
McIntosh Cornwall
McIntosh Disease Resistant
McIntosh Improved
McIntosh Kimball
McIntosh Marshall
McIntosh Rogers Red
McIntosh spur type
Mcintosh Starkspur
McIntosh Summerland Red
McLean Medium sized attractive pale yellow skinned apple, with a light blush. Flesh is mildly acid, with good quality.
McLellan Light smooth, straw colored fruit, covered with stripes and marblings of lively red. Good sprightly taste of fruit in November. Crisp, firm flesh.
Mclntosh Cornwall
Mclntosh Kimball
Mclntosh Marshall
Mclntosh Rogers Red
Mclntosh Summerland Red
McMahone White
McNicholas Greening
Medaille d'Or A traditional French bittersweet cider variety.
Mela Carla
Melanie Golden White
Melba Attractive, high quality, yellow washed with crimson fruit. Very white, firm, crisp, sweet flesh. A sweet subacid flavor. McIntosh open pollinated, 1898, This is one of the very best summer apples. The color is mostly red or pinkish red. The Melba apple is crisp and juicy. The white flesh is firm and crisp with a subacid flavor. The fruit holds up well for a summer apple. Tree is productive and bears at a young age.
Melon Fruits very good quality. Medium large, skin yellow, red striped, round, oblate, conical with mild flavor.
Melrose Official Ohio State apple. Large flattened fruit. Yellowish green skin flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops it's fruity aroma.
Melrose Spur
Melrouge Redder sport of Melrose with more intense flavor. An excellent flavored dessert apple. Size is large and roundish flat. Very good for cooking. Stores well.
Mendocino Cox Yellow with red stripes.
Menger Jewell
Mere De Menage Origin not known. It has been known since the late 1700s. Large, shaped like a Bramley, irregular and lopsided but king apples can be tall and oblong – one in a sample is not much help with identification as they vary so much. Five or more crowns at apex. Dull green almost completely covered with dark brown/crimson or purple/crimson flush, darker stripes. Lenticels very conspicuous as grey/white dots.
Meridian An attractive well-flavoured modern English apple, difficult to detect the Cox parentage though.
Merton 778
Merton 789
Merton 793
Merton Ace A synonym for Merton Knave.
Merton Beauty
Merton Charm Medium sized flat shaped fruit, rectangular, convex, not ribbed; skin greenish yellow, sometimes with a slight brownish red flush. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy white; flavor sweet subacid.
Merton Delight Size medium, shape intermediate to flat, skin yellow, striped pinkish red. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy. Flavor sweet to subacid.
Merton Joy
Merton Knave An early-season English dessert apple, raised in the mid twentieth century.
Merton Pearmain
Merton Pippin
Merton Prolific An interesting cross between a cooker (Northern Greening) and a dessert apple (Cox's Orange Pippin).
Merton Russet Small. Golden russet colored. Flesh very crisp, deep yellow, and juicy. Complex sweet/spicy flavor.
Merton Worcester An interesting early/mid season dessert variety, probably deserves to be better known.
Messire Jacques
Metais Bitter hard cider
Michael Henry Pippin
Michaelmas Red
Michelin Michelin is a traditional French hard cider apple variety producing a medium bittersweet juice.
Michurins Bessiemianka
Michurins Seedless
Middletown Fameuse
Midget Crab
Midland Weeping Crab
Mikes Greening
Milam (Big Horse Creek Farm) Milam was first introduced into Illinois in 1902 as Red Winter Pearmain, but is thought to have originally come from Virginia or Kentucky. It is small to medium with smooth, greenish-yellow skin overlaid with light red, but becoming much darker red when exposed to the sun. Greenish-white flesh is tender, crisp, juicy and somewhat coarse in texture. Ripens September to October and keeps until January or later.
Mildew Immune Seedling
Mill Creek Small, red, late blooming and leafing, dependable crops, discovered in Turner, OR, Ripens September 25
Mill End
Miller Creek Pound
Miller Sour
Miller's Seedling A small early-season English apple, popular in late Victorian times. A dessert apple with medium sized fruit. It has a greenish/yellow skin flushed pink and with bright red stripes. There is slight russeting. It is crisp, juicy and very sweet.
Millicent Barnes
Mill Rose
Milo Gibson Red and yellow fruit. A fine tasting apple with unique licorice flavor.
Milton Medium sized, pale yellow covered fruit with deep cherry red flush. Fine grained white flesh. Juicy with sweet hint of raspberry flavors. Similar to McIntosh in flavor but more aromatic, great for sauce. Tree is annual bearer and tolerant to rust. Early midseason. McIntosh X Yellow Transparent
Milwa A synonym for Junami.
Milwaukee Russian, Yellow, red striped, Excellent keeper. Flavorful, slightly tart. Good for cooking and cider. Bears annually and produces at a young age. Late ripening
Ming Shing
Minister Von Hammerstein
Minkler (Big Horse Creek Farm) As described in Beach’s Apples of New York (1905), Minkler was recognized as a popular apple in Illinois around 1865 where its cultivation was confined to this region and adjoining states. The history of the apple is very confusing but it is known it was first exhibited before the Illinois Horticultural Society around this period by Mr. S.G. Minkler. The apple is medium-sized and uniform in shape. The thin, slightly tough skin is smooth, glossy, greenish-yellow changing to pale yellow and overspread with a pinkish-red blush and splashes of dark carmine. The yellow to greenish flesh is very firm and coarse, slightly aromatic and very crisp and juicy. Ripens late October to early November.
Minneiska A synonym for SweeTango.
Minnesota 1734 Bronze russet, Small fruit is hard, yellow-fleshed, and richly flavored. Makes excellent tasting cider. Annual producer of heavy crops. Keeps all winter in storage. Late ripening
Minnesota 447 Frostbite was just recently named by the University of Minnesota. Known as MN 447, it is an older cultivar that has been used as a parent in the breeding of other successful U of MN apple varieties. Because of its unique, sweet, aromatic, and unusual flavor people who know MN 447 had been encouraging the University to release it. The fruit is only small to medium in size, being 2¼ to 2½ inches in diameter, but is very firm, crisp and juicy. It will store for 3-4 months in common storage at 34-37°F. The flesh is a creamy, light yellow. It is an attractive maroon red over a yellow gold background. It usually exhibits striped coloration, but often can be somewhat dappled. It sometimes russets lightly, depending on the season. Like most Minnesota varieties, it is extremely hardy to USDA Zone 3b (-30 to -35°F). It has low to medium vigor. The tree is spreading and produces annually.
Minnewashta A synonym for Zestar!.
Miron Sacharanij
Mississippi Pippen
Missouri Pippin (Big Horse Creek Farm) Noted for its very early bearing ability. Fruit is medium to large, roundish to conical and flattened on the ends. The thick, smooth skin is greenish-yellow mostly covered with dark and light red stripes and shading. The yellowish-white flesh is firm, coarse and breaking. Ripens November to December and is a good keeper.
Mitchell Sweet
Mitchurins Samenloser
Mleevskaya Crasavitsa
MN 1734 Bronze russet fruit. Hard, yellow flesh. Rich flavor. Makes excellent tasting cider.
MN 1797 A synonym for SnowSweet.
Mobbs Royal
Moiron Sacharaniv
Mollie's Delicious A very good to excellent early apple ripening. Fruits are large to very large, conical in shape with a pinkish red color. Has an exceptionally pleasing aftertaste. This quality can be maintained in storage for at least 10 weeks under refrigeration.
Moms Red Large red apple found growing in a swampy area next to my mom’s house in Salem, OR. Excellent eating apple.
Monarch Cooks to juicy puree, not as sharp as Bramley
Monger Jewel
Mongolian Large to occasional very large, flattened, bright red, waxy surface, slightly tart, ripe September. Originally sold by a nursery in the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes Co., NC.
Monmouth Beauty
Monmouth Pippin
Monroe Sweet
Montana Red
Montreal Peach
Moore Sweet Fruit medium to large. Uniform in size and shape. Shape roundish. Skin smooth, rather pale in color, being yellow or greenish overspread with a red or pinkish red blush and dulled by greyish scarfskin. Flesh tinged with yellow or green, moderately firm, moderately fine grained, tender, rather dry, sweet, good.
Morden 358
Morden 359
Morden 360
Morden 363
Morden 370 (Red Sparkle)
Morden Ruby
Morgans Christmas
Morgan Sweet An old cider apple variety, popular in the "west country" of the UK, and sweet enough to eat fresh.
Morgan (TB)
Morley's Seedling A late-season English cooking apple, from Cambrideshire in eastern England.
Morning Star
Morrison Yellow
Moscow Pear
Moses Wood
Mostrom Pippin
Mother An old Massachusetts apple variety rated for its flavor.
Mother Bud
Mott Pink red-fleshed apple with a beautiful delicate flavour.
Mott Sweet
Mountain Belle
Mountain Boomer A huge round apple, some specimens being larger than a saucer. It is a pale yellow with an occasional blush where exposed to the sun. Flavor and texture are exceptional, considering the size of the fruit.
Mountain Dale
Mountain Red Coat
Mountain Rose Discovered near the town of Airlie in western Oregon, Mountain Rose displays profuse pink blooms in the spring followed by large, large greenish yellow apples with crisp, dark red flesh, and delicious sweet- tart flavor. Mountain Rose ripens in early October and can be stored until spring. Also known as Hidden Rose and Airlie Red Flesh
Mount Slckler White
Moyers Prize
Moyer's Spice A rather large apple of the Yellow Bellflower group: yellow, often blushed with red. Flesh is moderately crisp, coarse, very juicy, mildly subacid, becoming sweet or nearly so. Good to very good in flavor and quality. A hardy and vigorous variety from the collection of the late Henry Morton of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This medium-sized, aromatic red apple has white flesh with a spicy subacid to sweet flavor. Ripens in mid-July.
Mr Gladstone A synonym for Gladstone.
Mr Homer
Mr Prothero
Mrs Bryan
Mrs Carter
Mrs Francis
Mrs Phillmore
Mrs Wards Early
Mt. Boomer
Mt. Sickler White
Mule Apple
Munson Sweet (Big Horse Creek Farm) A prolific apple originating in Massachusetts before 1849, It is an attractive, medium-sized apple having a smooth, but thick, tough golden-yellow skin with an occasional red blush. The yellow-tinged flesh is moderately fine-grained, tender, juicy and very sweet. Ripens late September to November.
Muscadet De Bernay Hard cider apple.
Muscadet de Dieppe Excellent cider apple. Orange-red, smallish fruit. Sweet and aromatic.
Muscadet De Lense hard cider
Muscadet Livce
Muscat de Bernay Hard cider apple
Muscat de Venus A small fruit, Muscat de Venus has a thin pale skin splashed with pink and violet coloring. The grape-like effect is enhanced by a delicate bloom. While the texture is crisp, the flavor is intensely vinous and suggestive of muscat grapes. This is an extraordinary choice for dessert or cider. Ripens in late October and early November.
Muskmellon Sweet
Muster Small round flat apple with striking red-orange or pink skin with prominent brown or grey spots. The flesh is pure white, Coarse, but crisp and very sweet. Ripens in early September.
Mutsu A versatile dual-purpose apple, sharp but still pleasant to eat fresh. Also known as Crispin.
Myers Red Duck
My Jewel
Myra Red Fuji