Item Synonyms Description
Narjadnoye Crysmskoye
Native American Crab
NC1 A synonym for Cheerfull Gold.
N. Caroina Beauty
N.C. Keeper
N.C. Pearapple
Nectarapple Maroon skin colored apple with yellow undercolor. Skin is chewy like a nectarine, and displays unique cracking near the calyx lobe. Flavor and scent similar to a nectarine.
Nehou Hard cider apple. Apples are soft, medium size and easily bruised.
Nellie Mae Jackson
Nellie May
Nesqually Seedling
New Bedford
New Brunswicker
Newell Kimzey Official cultivar name for Airlie Red Flesh.
Newells Large Winter
Newell's Late Orange Flat-round, sometimes irregular shape. Good size, solid yellow-green fruit entirely covered with minute green or black dots. Firm, crisp, juicy, rich white flesh.
Newells Orange
New Gold
New Idared
New Rock Pippin An old English late-season dessert apple variety originating from Cambridgeshire. Highly regarded by 19th century writers for its dry firm flesh and rich flavour and hint of anise.
Newt Grindle Late Summer to Early Fall. The medium coarse juicy greenish flesh has a mild taste with hints of cherry and cinnamon. Keeps remarkably well for an early apple.
Newton Wonder A 19th century English cooking apple, still popular as a UK garden apple variety.
Newtosh McIntosh X Yellow Newtown, Red striped, Produces a high percentage of extra-fancy fruits. Skin similar to McIntosh; flesh like Yellow Newtown. Late-midseason
Newtown Green
Newtown Pippin Also known as Albermarle Pippin. Made famous by none other than Thomas Jefferson, who grew them in his orchard at Monticello. One of the first US apple exports to the UK.
Newtown Spitzenburg
Niagara Fruits are medium to large in size, roundish conic and irregular in shape, with deep red blush and stripe over pale yellow. The flesh is white and similar to McIntosh, very sweet and juicy, skin tough. Exceptionally vigorous grower. Early to midseason. Carlton X McIntosh
Nicks Best Pinkmeat
Nicoter A synonym for Kanzi.
Niedzwetzkyana Crab Tastes good. A beautiful large apple with true red fleshed firm interior.
Night dropper
Nine Square
Nitschners Erdbeerapfel
Nittany Crisp, juicy yellow flesh tart apple, 3 to 3.25 inches in diameter. About 50 to 90% of the surface is covered with a dull red color. Shape is truncate to conical. Good eaten fresh but also good choice for a cooking apple as it holds its shape when cooked.
NJ55 A synonym for Suncrisp.
Noble Gold
No Bloom
No Blow
Noel Dischamp
Nonnetit Bastard An attractive late-season quality dessert apple from Denmark.
Nonpareil A very old apple variety from France, which became very popular in England. It has a distinctive pear-drop flavour.
Noran (St. Lawrence Nursery) Columbia Crab X Redant, Extremely hardy, Green with red blush, ripens midseason, Small to medium size apple with cream colored flesh. Tart, good for cooking. Bears at a young age.
Norcue Heyer 12′ X >Rescue) This cultivar originated at the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada, bred by Dr. C. R. Ure for the Prairie Fruit Breeding Cooperative, selected in 1958 by the Beaverlodge Research Station and was released in 1975. The tree is vigorous, upright-spreading, precocious, and annually productive. It is hardy to Zone 2a, and its reaction to fire blight is still untested. The fruit is small, 5.5 cm (2″+) in diameter and slightly oblate, and matures in early season, from early to mid August. The skin is thin, green-yellow, and mostly covered with dull red stripes. The flesh is cream to yellow, tinged with pink, crisp, juicy, very sweet and full flavoured. It is fair to good for fresh eating, good for cooking, and stores well for an early summer apple.
Norda (St. Lawrence Nursery) Rolsilda X Trail, Extremely hardy, Yellow with red streaking, ripens midseason to late, Yellow with red streaking, Flesh cream-colored, crisp juicy and good for eating or culinary purposes. Bears young. Good keeper. Late-midseason
Norenburg Redfall
Noret (St. Lawrence Nursery) Rescue X Mantet, Extremely hardy, Greenish-yellow overlaid w/ red, early ripening, Fruit about 2 inches, firm, tart to astringent; fair for eating and cooking. Tree is small and upright. Bears at a young age.
Norfolk Beauty Cooks to creamy puree, little sugar needed, slight lemon flavour
Norfolk Beefing Norfolk Beefing is an old English apple variety used primarily for cooking and drying. A medium to large apple that hangs on the tree into January or later. It is greenish-yellow in color with a dull red coating and faintly striped. The greenish-white flesh is crisp and juicy and sweetens in storage. Considered a good keeper
Norfolk Royal A sweet old-fashioned apple, with a delicate melon flavour - very likeable
Norfolk Royal Russet Norfolk Royal Russet is one of the best-looking russet apples, with a superb rich sweet flavour.
Norhey Heyer 12′ X Dr. Bill) This cultivar originated with the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada, by Dr. C. R. Ure for the Prairie Fruit Breeding Cooperative, selected in 1960 at the Beaverlodge Research station, and released in 1975. The tree is vigorous, upright, with good branching habit, precocious, and annually productive. It is hardy to Zone 1, and resistant to fire blight. The fruit is medium size, 6.5 cm (22 ) in diameter, slightly oblate, and matures in late August. The skin is thin and greenish to yellow. The flesh is deep cream, crisp, juicy, sub acid, and slightly astringent. It is fair for fresh eating, good for cooking and stores for 4-8 weeks.
Norkent (St. Lawrence Nursery) Haralson X Rescue, Extremely hardy, Greenish-yellow under orange, red, russeting, ripens midseason, Fruit about 2 inches, firm, tart to astringent; fair for eating and cooking. Tree is small and upright. Bears at a young age.
Norland Medium size. Green with red stripes.
Normanton Wonder A synonym for Dumelow's Seedling.
Norson Origin: Canadian
North Carolina Beauty
North Carolina Keeper (Big Horse Creek Farm) Fruit size is medium or smaller, conical, with yellow skin mostly covered with red and darker red striping. Flesh is yellow, crisp and juicy. Ripens late winter and is an excellent winter keeper.
North Carolina Pearapple
North County Line
Northern Greening A very old English apple, widely grown by the 19th century and probably the forebear of many of the major Victorian-era culinary apples.
Northern June
Northern Lights Red over yellow, striped, New joint release of NY and ND research stations. High quality dessert apple with a tart McIntosh flavor. Midseason. Haralson X McIntosh
Northern Spy A widely grown American heirloom apple variety. The fruit is late ripening and stores well. large, round, red stripes over yellow, tart, ripe October.
Northern Spy Early
Northern Spy Red
Northern Sweet
Northfield Beauty Medium to large fruits, predominately red in color. Hangs well to the tree. Maintains it's quality longer both on the tree and in storage. Shape is intermediate to flat, rectangular, asymmetric. Skin whitish yellow, striped and splashed with red. Flesh crisp, white with subacid flavor. Excellent all purpose apple. An Albert Etter apple.
North Pole McIntosh
North Pole Wolf River
Northstar King
Northwestern Greening Beneath its tough skin the greenish yellow flesh is firm, juicy and mildly tart. Best when cooked into sauce or made into pies as it does not rate high for fresh eating. Golden Russet X Alexander
Nortons Melon An old variety that bears young and biennially. A very heavy bearer, needs thinning. Fruits very good quality for dessert or market. Medium large, skin yellow, red striped, round, oblate, conical with mild flavor. Tree round and spreading, slightly tender to cold temperatures.
Notley P
Nova Cortland
Nova Easygro Fruit is large, oblate, 80% red stripe over greeninsh yellow ground. Stores well in cold storage. Flesh is snow white, firm, crisp, mildly sweet, slightly juicy. Slightly tough at picking but mellows in storage. Recommended for cooking, salads and eating fresh. Scab-resistant variety introduced by the Canadian Dept of Agriculture. Spartan X PRI 565
Novamac Flattened fruit with 70% red stripe on green background. Crisp, tender, fine-textured flesh. Slight McIntosh flavor. Good quality.
Nova Red Cortland
Nova Scotia Homestead
Novaspy Novaspy is a further development of the "Nova" series of apples from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based in Nova Scotia. As the name suggests it has Northern Spy in its ancestry.
November Peach A large, conical, redish, pink colored apple. Great flavor with a mild peach aftertaste. Ripens in September. A good keeper to December or January.
Novosibirski Sweet
Nutmeg Pippin
Nutting Bumpus
Nuvar Golden Hills A sweet juicy modern mid-season variety, based on Greensleeves but perhaps a bit sweeter. Colour is yellower than Greensleeves and sometimes has a pink tinge to it.
N W 1
NY-35 (Bonkers) Cornell Description: "NY 73334-35 - (Liberty X Delicious): Very large dark red fruit maturing after Delicious. Many fruit develop parthenocarpically. Some irregularly shaped fruit. Not as precocious as Liberty or Empire. Unusually large size may make fruit attractive for direct-market sales."