Item Synonyms Description
Oaken Pin
Obelisk A synonym for Flamenco.
Oekonomierat Echter-Meyer
Oetwiler Reinette
Ohio Nonparell
Ohio Pippin
Ohio Sweet
Okanagan Jesuit Mission
Old Cider
Old English Millim
Old Esquimali Road
Old Grandad
Old Homestead
Old Horse (Wise, VA)
Old Liberty
Old Log Cabin
Old Man
Old Nonesuch
Old Pearmain
Old Timey Winesap
Old Tyme Pippin
Old Virginia Spice
Oley Olson
Olinger Raspberry
Olinger Red
Oliver Fruit size is medium to large with thick, smooth, glossy yellow skin overlaid with rich-red and streaks of darker red. The surface is punctuated with large, conspicuous, light colored dots. The yellowish flesh is fine-grained and juicy and often stained with red. Ripens October to November and is an excellent keeper.
Ontario Very good eating, juice and cooking apple. Medium-large fruit with green skin flushed and striped red. Flesh fine textured, very juicy, sprightly and aromatic.
Ontario Russet
Opal A modern apple from the Czech Republic, related to Golden Delicious and Topaz.
Opalescent A popular New England apple. Large fruit with smooth skin entirely covered with dark red, occasionally shading to purplish with splashes of carmine. Firm, juicy, mildly subacid, yellow flesh with a hint of strawberries. Ripens in September
Opal Seabrook An early-season English apple, with very similar qualities to one of its parents, Worcester Pearmain.
Orange Sweet Small, somewhat conical fruit, medium in size. Pale yellow apple often somewhat blushed, nearly orange yellow when ripe. Flesh tinged with yellow, moderately fine grained, tender, moderately sweet. Skin tough.
Oregon City
Oregon Spur Delicious
Orenco Medium to large fruit with bright red skin. Tender, crisp, juicy white flesh. Very sweet and piquant flavor. Light bearer. Must be picked as soon as it is ripe. Scab resistant. Origin: Oregon 1920
Oriatia Beauty
Orient Beauty
Orin Yellow skin is blushed red-orange and dotted with conspicuous white lenticels. Sweet, very honeyed, pale yellow flesh, but of little taste or acidity of fruit. Shares same parentage as Mutsu.
Orin Jumbo
Oriole An early-season American apple from the University of Minnesota. Yellow, striped red, An excellent quality dessert or cooking apple. Tree extrememly productive. Yellow Transparent X Liveland Raspberry
Orkney An attractive old apple, probably from Scotl
Orleans Reinette France 1700s. Round, flattened, greenish-yellow fruit with some cinnamon russet in most cases. Flesh is creamy white, firm and fine-textured and very juicy with a taste first of sweet oranges followed by a nutty flavor. Trees are vigorous, heavily spurred. Ripens in October
Ortley (Big Horse Creek Farm) New Jersey 1800s. The fruit resembles the better known Yellow Bellflower, but is less acid in flavor. Fruit is medium to large, conical, with greasy yellow skin occasionally having a fine red blush. The creamy white flesh is tender and juicy. Ripens October to January.
Osheas Red Discovery
Osman (Crab)
Ottawa Very good early eating, cooking and sauce apple. Greenish-yellow washed and striped with red. Juicy and spicy.
Ottowa 546
Oval Crab
Owen Cobb
Owen Mullens Early Red June
Owen Mullins
Owen Mullins Red
Owl Medow
Oxheart Pippin Choice eating; deep flavor with a lot of juice; excellent keeper
Ozark Gold Developed at the Missouri State Agricultural Experimental Station and introduced in 1970. It is similar in flavor and appearance to Golden Delicious but ripens about three weeks earlier. It bears young and shows some disease resistance but is a biennial bearer. It is a large to very large apple with bright yellow waxy skin. A1291x Golden Delicious
Ozark Pippin