Item Synonyms Description
Pacifc Pride
Pacific Beauty Large. Limited storage life.
Pacific Rose An attractive new late-season high-quality dessert apple from New Zealand.
Paciilc Gold
Padleys Pippin
Paides Winter Apple
Paides Ziemas Abols
Palmer Greening Waxy green-yellow skin shaded red. White flesh with yellow cast. Crisp, firm, tender & juicy. Excellent for eating fresh. Rather attractive in color, quite variable in size. Good quality, but mild in flavor and eventually becoming nearly sweet.
Palmetta Apple
Pampbellos Reinette
Papierowka Polska
Paradis Do Vayre
Paradise Sweet
Paradise Winter Sweet
Paradisiaca Atro Sanguinea
Paragon Synonym of Arkansas Black
Parkdale Beauty
Parkland Small to medium size fruit on a compact tree. Green to yellow with red striping. Somewhat tart but plain cooking apple. Similar to Norland but keeps better. Good for fresh eating and cooking. Early ripening. Rescue X Melba
Park's Pippin Greenish yellow in color, very tart until fully ripe, keeps well. Good for cooking, drying, cider or eating out of hand. It makes outstanding apple butter, jelly and cider. Ripens late fall and is a very good keeper.
Parmar Parmar is also known as Yellow Flat, and likely is an 18th century Virginia apple that was once popular for brandy making. The presence of this variety in an orchard was an indicator that the owner likely used it for making apple brandy. Small in size and oblate in shape, the skin is a dark-yellow with irregular russet patches over most of the fruit. The flesh is also a dark-yellow, especially just beneath the skin, and is dense and subacid in flavor. It is suitable for applesauce and apple butter making and as a dessert fruit. Parmar stores well for a summer variety and ripens in late July and early August.
Parson Pat
Party Doll
Pasha Gmasha
Patrick Red
Patten Green
Paulared Solid red, A very white-fleshed, juicy apple of good all-purpose quality. Early-midseason
Paulista 1
Pawpaw Sweet
Peace Garden Malinda X Duchess, Red, striped, Juicy, excellent keeper, hangs well on the tree. Late ripening
Peace Maker
Pear Gold
Pearmain Sugar Grove
Peasgood's Nonsuch Highly esteemed culinary apple. Large pale yellow-green fruit, deepening to orange-yellow with short stripes of bright red and some russet patches. Good acid-sweet flavor, cooks to a froth.
Peau Dane
Peau De Vinche hard Cider
Peche Melba
Peck's Pleasant Fruit is medium to large with a variable shape, often with a distinctive furrow on one side. Skin is mostly green when first picked, but becomes a lovely clear yellow with a blush after ripening in storage. The aromatic yellow flesh is firm, tender, and juicy. Ripens September to October.
Pegray Doyen
Pendragon An unusual red-fleshed apple from Cornwall or Devon in England. The bark, blossom, and leaves also have a dull-red tint.
Pepin Chernenko
Pepinka Lltowska
Pepin Shafrannyl
Percherons Precious
Perrine Yellow Transparent Tetraploid Yellow Transparent. Very big fruit, otherwise similar to Yellow Transparent.
Perry Russet It is a large yellow green apple often with shiny skin and only occasionally covered with a fine russet.   It has juicy fine grained yellow flesh, rich and acidic in flavor and excellent for pies.
Pervenee Samarkanda
Petite Jewel
Pettingill Large fruit with red flush over green skin. Flesh crisp and juicy with good subacid flavor.
Peumainen Kanel
Pewaukee (Big Horse Creek Farm) In the mid-1800’s, George P. Peffer of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, crossed Duchess of Oldenburg with Northern Spy to produce Pewaukee. It is a fine dessert and cooking apple and is most noted for its winter hardiness, a trait inherited from its parent, Duchess of Oldenburg. Though considered only fair for fresh eating quality, it is a vigorous, productive tree and grows quite well with minimal care. Fruit size is medium to large with smooth, thin, greenish-yellow skin mottled with orange-red and striped with carmine. The whitish flesh is firm, coarse, and very juicy. Ripens in November and is a good keeper.
Peypring Ceriucko
Pfrbichroter Sommeerapfel
Phocian Mystique
Pigeonette De Roen
Pigeonnet Blanc
Pigeonnet Rouge
Pig Pen 9
Pigs Nose Pippin
Piker Yellow
Pilot Large yellow fruit with red stripes and russet specks. Fine grained, crisp and juicy flesh. It is best suited for growing in the mountains and foothills, performing poorly when grown below 1000 feet in elevation. Fruit is large, roundish to oblate with pale yellow skin heavily striped and shaded with dull red. The yellow flesh is fine-grained, firm, tender and juicy with a slightly aromatic fragrance. Ripens in October and is an excellent keeper.
Pinata A synonym for Pinova.
Pineapple Quince
Pineapple Salad
Pine Golden Pippin 1861 England, UK, Medium to large size fruit. Shape flat to intermediate, rectangular, convex. Flesh tender, yellowish white. Flavor subacid, like pineapple. Ripens in late September.
Pine Mountain
Pink Beauty Crab
Pink Blush
Pink Delight
Pink Early
Pink Excell
Pinkie Crab
Pink Lady One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink. Australia 1973, bred by John Cripps. A cross of Lady Williams and Golden Delicious.
Pink Parfait The latest and finest flavored of the pink-fleshed varieties. A large handsome fruit with bright red stripes and splashes over a cream background: the flesh is mottled pink and cream, almost as if an ordinary apple were stained with cherry juice. And the flavor and texture are amazing, making Pink Parfait an unforgetable eating experience. It requires a long warm growing season and can be tricky to finish properly.
Pink Pearl A pink-fleshed apple developed by Californian enthusiast Albert Etter in the 1940s. Bright pink flesh and crimson pink blossoms. The fruit is crisp with a sweet/tart flavor, conical shape; skin is a creamy pale green. Good flavour but is very tart for a dessert apple.
Pink Pearmain One of the best pink fleshed varieties. Ripens early September, this can be an exceptionally colorful and attractive fruit: deeply red/red-striped skin covering vivid mottled pink flesh. This apple obtains a red striped skin when mature, with an upside-down shape. Flesh is a deeper pink tone which varies with climatic changes. Tart and aromatic flavor. Must be fully ripe for maximum sweetness and color. The aromatics are complex and suggestive of berries. Intense heat here in August and September can adversely affect texture and flesh color. Late blooming.
Pink Princess Fred Janson of Ontario developed this pink fleshed variety, originally named Pink Lady. He did not patent the name, as he did not believe in fruit patents, and an Australian variety was subsequently patented as Pink Lady, which is the one now available commercially. In 1997, Mr. Janson changed the name of his apple to Pink Princess which has pastel to dark pink flesh, is sweet/tart and aromatic, medium sized, skin color is carmine striping over pink. A medium sized apple, light green skin turning yellow with a few faint red stripes. Pink colored flesh similar to that of Pink Pearl, but sweeter, with a nice fruity flavor. Pink Pearl x King of the Pippins.
Pink Satin
Pink Sparkle Distinctive upside down shape, broad base narrow at the stem. Develops a red striped skin when ripe, flesh is deep pink, but varies according to climate. Tart mildly sweet with distinctive aromatic flavor. of unknown parentage with pink and red flesh that is exceedingly juicy.
Pink Sugar
Pink Sweet
Pink Wood
Pinova An attractive yellow apple with a pink/orange flush. Crops heavily and stores well. Also known as Pinata.
Pioneer Charcteristicly lop-sided apples. Light red with darker stripes and splashes, yellow undercoat. Rich sweet-tart flavor. Excellent, Stores well. Ripens October 1. Found in a fencerow in West Stayton, OR.
Pioneer Jewel
Pioneer Scarlet (RW)
Piotash Crab
Pippin Chernenko
Pippin Chesnevko
Pippinka Litovska
Pippin Katrina
Pippin Safranji
Pitmaston Pineapple An old English apple variety with an unusual flavour reminscent of pineapples.
Pitmaston Russet Nonpsreil
Pixie A popular garden variety, and a very good Cox substitute, quite sharp flavour
Pixie Crunch Small, sweet flavored, crisp and juicy apple. Greenish-yellow base color with 90-100% red-purple overcolor.
Plateau Road
Plum Cider
Poeltsamaa Winter
Pokey Seedling
Polka Medium size. Round conical. Dark red blush over green. Sweet. Tastes like the variety Spartan.
Polk Seedling
Polly Eades (Big Horse Creek Farm) Believed to be an offspring of the more well-known Horse apple, Polly Eades is a late bloomer, thus escaping most late spring frosts. Tree bears early and produces a fruit which can be used for cooking or fresh eating. Fruit is medium to large, slightly conical with deep yellow skin with a red blush on the sunny side. Yellowish flesh is juicy, tender, aromatic, and rather tart. Ripens July to August.
Polly Sweet the apple originated as a seedling near a woodpile at the abandoned home of Polly Cook of Haywood Co., NC, medium sized, green, slightly sweet, and ripe in August; this is one of the rare apples which always stays green even when it is ripe.
Pomeroy of Herefordshire
Pomeroy of Sumerset
Pomme Cloche A synonym for Glockenapfel.
Pomme De Or
Pomme Framboise
Pomme Gris Medium to small russet apple, Deep yellowish, brown mottled and with dark red. Excellent dessert quality and a very good keeper.
Pomme Poire
Pomme Raisin
Pommer Lorch
Pomme Rose
Pomme Thoury
Pommier Ilorca
Pond Celler
Poor Mans Profit
Poppys Wonder
Pops Delicious
Porter One of many apples of northern origin that gained popularity in the South for its many fine cooking and eating qualities. It originated around 1800 in Sherburne, Massachusetts and was named for Rev. Samuel Porter who first grew the apple. It gained immense publicity when it was recommended in the famous Fanny Farmer Boston Cookbook as a superb cooking apple. When cooked, it retains its flavor and shape quite well. Fruit is small to large, roundish to slightly oblong or conical. The thin, smooth skin is greenish-yellow with a reddish-orange blush on the sunny side, sometimes with crimson red spots. Flesh is yellow, fine-grained, juicy and aromatic. Ripens August to September
Porter's Perfection English cider apple. Cream coloured, flushed dark red. Bitter-sharp cider blending quality.
Potter Cox
Pott's Seedling Probably the parent of James Grieve, popular 19th century cooker
Pound Apple very large, slightly flattened and somewhat irregular, yellow, tart, ripe September.
Pound Longshore
Pound of Carrol County
Pound of Roan Mt
Pound of Sally Branch
Pound Pippin Very large apple with thin skin, Greenish yellow, but becomming clear yellow sometimes faintly blushed, Flesh is whitish or tinged with yellow and moderately firm, rather fine, tender, very juicy and somewhat aromatic. Very good and ripens in late September.
Pound Pippin Striped Fannon
Pound Royal
Pound Russet
Pound Sweet Green to yellow, A very large yellow apple. Sweet with a firm texture. Esteemed for baking; good keeper. Late ripening
Pound Sweet Pineapple Sport
Powder Spring June
Powells Russet
Praire Magic Goodland X Mantet, Yellow, blushed red, Developed in Manitoba. Tree a vigorous grower. Fruit medium to large, sweet and crisp. Excellent choice for the far North. Midseason
Prairie Fire Crab
Prairie Gold
Prairie Magic A relatively new very hardy red apple with a green blush, high quality, great for fresh eating.
Prairie Rose
Prairie Sensation Cold hardy apple. Red over green in color with a white crisp, firm and juicy texture. Great to eat fresh and also good for pies. Ripens in mid September.
Prairie Spy Yellow with red wash and stripes, Large fruit, crisp and juicy with excellent flavor which develops and improves while in storage.Some russeting may occur. Extra long keeping winter apple which keeps until Spring. Tree bears very young. Some resistance to scab and cedar apple rust. Late ripening
President Discouers Deasacres
Priam Medium range red over green-yellow. Keeps well through January.
Priddy 106 Also known as Cougar. Sweet-tart flavor, orange-red, lopsided, ribbed. Discovered in a fencerow in Turner, OR, Ripens September 10
Priddy 114 Synonym for Scotty's Prolific. Small 2 1/4 inches across, mild, tart flavor, crisp fine grained flesh, turns mealy after a few weeks in the refrigerator, bears early and abundantly, regular bearing. Discovered in a fencerow in Salem, OR, Ripens August 30
Priddys' Aroma Green, aromatic, crisp. Tangy flavor. Good early apple. Had scab one year in five. Discovered in a fencerow in Salem, OR, Ripens August 20
Priddys Pride Same as Priddys Prize
Priddys Prize Very large, unevenly shaped, dull green with red streaks, Crispy flesh, excellent tart flavor. Ripens September 30. Clifford Priddy and Ken Priddy discovered this fencerow apple on a fruit exploring trip in Salem, OR about 1992. We obtained scionwood the next spring, and one month later the tree was cut down.
Priestly (Big Horse Creek Farm) A fine fresh eating apple noted for its keeping ability, staying fresh and quite juicy until late spring. The tree is vigorous, productive and a dependable annual bearer. Fruit is medium to large, covered with red and darker red stripes. The yellowish-white flesh is firm, coarse and very juicy. Ripens November to December.
Prilmak Late Red
Prima Medium to large fruit with dark red blush over yellow. Juicy white flesh with mild subacid flavor.
Primate Highly regarded early American summer eating apple. Medium-large, smooth, light green fruit, crisp, juicy, tart. It is an ideal apple for the home orchard as it ripens over a period of several weeks, extending the harvest for the home grower. The fruit is medium-sized and frequently ribbed. The thin, yellow skin is often blushed with red on the sunny side. The tender white flesh is aromatic, crisp, and juicy. Ripens July to September.
Prime Gold Pat.
Prime Gold Van Well
Prime Red
Prince Charming
Prince George
Prince Nicolas
Princess Medium size. Round to oblate round. Yellow to whitish pale yellow skin. Fine, crisp, breaking texture. Very spicy, very juicy, very aromatic. May develop off-flavor in storage.
Princess Louise
Princess Noble
Priols Delicious
Priors Red
Priscilla Medium in size. 65% red blush over yellow background. Crisp, coarse, mildly subacid. White to slightly greenish flesh. Good flavor and quality. Will store for three months. Fruit hangs well. This apple is a cross of Starking and Purdue 610-2 bred and developed through a cooperative program of Purdue, Rutgers and Illinois Universities. It was developed to be highly disease resistant, especially to apple scab, but is also moderately resistant to fireblight and mildew. It was introduced in 1972 and was named for the wife of F. D. Hovde, president of Purdue University.
Pristine Beautiful lemon-yellow apple with a perfect finish. This high quality apple is very productive and is a good keeper for an early apple. This disease-resistant apple is one of the earliest to ripen. A smooth glossy yellow skin holds sweet smooth flesh. Resistant to scab, mildew and moderately to fire blight. Ripens mid-late July.
Professor Spenger
Prof. Grebnicka Renete
Prussian (Colvert)
Pumahen Kaneli
Pumpkin Connecticut, 1834. Very large fruit. Skin light green, sometimes with orange stripes, shape round, ribbed. Flesh firm, cream-colored, water core with a sweet flavor.
Pumpkin Cider
Pumpkin Russet
Pumpkin Sweet Prized for baking, good for canning or eating. Yellow skin marbled with greenish-yellow and a brown flush. Sweet, nonacid flesh is crisp and juicy.
Pups Fleurie
Pups Jennette
Purdue 2
Pure Gold
Puritan Red skinned apple covered with small white dots. Soft texture, tart flavored.
Purple Cousinot
Purple Siberian Crab
Purple Wave
Purpurroter Cousinot