Item Synonyms Description
Rabbit Sweet
Rabnn Baid
Rainbow (Big Horse Creek Farm) A large fruit with yellow skin colorfully striped with red. The yellow flesh is juicy and fine-grained. Ripens in August to September.
Rajka A modern variety from the Czech Republic, bred specifically for disease resistance.
Rall's Janet Fruit is medium to large with thin greenish-yellow skin covered with pinkish red and overlaid with dark red striping. The yellowish flesh is fine-grained, crisp and juicy. Ripens in October and is an excellent keeper.
Ralph Shay Crab
Ralphs Red
Rambo Pale greenish yellow matted skin with red stripes. Whitish flesh is fine, firm, tender and subacid. Begins ripenining in early July.
Rambo Red
Rambo Red Summer
Rambo Striped
Rambo Summer
Rambour Franc Introduced in the 1500s in France. One of the oldest apple varieties, grown in the orchards of sixteenth-century Picardy, France and brought to Colonial America. Also known as “Summer Rambo” for its early ripening, this complex apple delivers flavors hinting at berries, vanilla, and mint. Breaking, crisp, exceptionally juicy, aromatic flesh. Good for eating and sauce. Early Season - Fresh, Cooking
Rambourg D Automme
Rambourg Mortier
Rambo Winter
Ramsdell Sweet Connecticut 1838, A very sweet apple of good size. High quality flesh is tinged with yellow and is fine, firm, tender, juicy and of course, sweet. This is a great dessert apple. Smooth yellow skin overspread with an attractive crimson red. Early bearing and fairly vigorous. Ripens: Late. Fruit is medium to large, conic to rectangular in shape with yellow skin nearly covered with dark red and darker red striping. The yellowish-white flesh is firm, tender and very sweet, but can become mealy if overripe. Ripens in September.
Rank Thorn
Rannels Yellow
Raritan Red, good quality. Becomes sweet when allowed to ripen fully.
Rater Eiserapfel
Rattle Core
Razor Golden Delicious Russet sport of Golden Delicous
Razor Ridge Green
Razor Russet A russeted sport of Golden Delicious, discovered in Kentucky in the 1970s. A great russet apple with excellent flavor. Medium sized with golden bronze skin, almost entirely covered with a yellowish brown russet. Flesh is firm, slightly coarse yellowish white. Remarkable for its sugar content. Great for fresh eating and for cooking.
Reasor Green (Big Horse Creek Farm) Fruit is medium to large in size, roundish ovate with green skin that has a distinctive faint scarlet blush. The crisp, firm flesh is subacid with a very fine flavor. It has the peculiar habit of drying when slightly wounded instead of rotting. Ripens late fall and is an excellent keeper.
Red Alkmene A synonym for Red Windsor.
Redant Antonovka open pollinated, Yellow washed red, Originated in Morden, Manitoba. A large, white-fleshed, sweet, mild apple good for fresh eating and cooking. Keeps well in storage. Mid-late ripening
Red Apple
Red Astrachan Eating, cooking and cider apple. Medium sized, crimson colored, flesh is juicy, tart and crisp with good flavor. Very short storage.
Red Balsam
Red Baron Medium size. Coarse, dryish flesh. Pear-flavored. Acceptable mild (non-tart) cooking apple. Not very juicy. Orange blush over yellow, resembling traditional peach coloring.
Red Bellflower
Red Ben Davis
Red Berlepsch Crisp, juicy, aromatic and fine-textured white flesh with a high Vitamin C content.
Red Bietigheimer Large fruit is pale yellow to green overlaid with red. Firm, juicy white flesh is coarse and crisp with subacid flavor.
Red Bill
Red Bird
Red Blaze
Red Bob
Red Bone
Red Boskoop
Red Bouquet Delicious Fruit has dark red skin. Flesh is crisper and has better flavor than regular Red Delicious.
Red Brandy
Red Burlepsch
Red Butterscotch
Red Canel
Red Cathead
Red Cheese
Red Chief
Red Cinnamon
Red Coat McIntosh
Red Codlin (Forest Winter)
Redcort Crisp sweet apple that is good for eating and cooking. Similar to a Cortland.
Red Cortland
Red Cox Pomona
Red Crab
Red Delicious One of the most famous American apple varieties, a sport of Delicious, known for its bright red color.
Red Devil Red Devil is an attractive modern English mid-season apple, developed by the influential English apple enthusiast Hugh Ermen. It is notable for its attractive pink juice.
Red Dijmanszoet
Red Dougherty
Red Early Harvest
Red Early June
Red Esther
Red Falstaff A red-coloured sport of Falstaff, a popular garden apple tree.
Redfield Medium to large apple. Dark red with dark red flesh. Juice is red. Not for fresh eating.
Red Flesh
Redford (redflesh)
Redfree Medium size, glossy fruit with 90% bright red color. Smooth, waxy, russet-free skin. Light flesh is crisp and juicy.
Red Giant Cider Crab
Red Gold This one gets a blue ribbon for being the sweetest tasting apple ever developed. Keeps for weeks in the refrigerator.
Red Gold Stark
Red Gravenstein A red skinned form of Gravenstein. Synonyms: Albany Beauty, Roter Gravensteiner, Rosenapfel
Red Hackworth
Red Heart
Red Herbst Calville
Red Hook Carlton X McIntosh, deep red, Flesh white or cream, with outer half pink when fully ripe. Very good eating apple. Not for processing. Late-midseason ripening
Red Horse
Red Indian Sweet
Red Ingestrie
Red Ingrid Marie A synonym for Karin Schneider.
Red Jacket
Red James
Red Jersey (Loyal Drain) hard Cider
Red Jewel
Red Joaneting
Red Jonaprince A synonym for Red Prince.
Red Jonathan A more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good flavor and keeping qualities.
Red Jordan
Red June A North Carolina apple originating before 1800, this apple is perhaps the best eating apple to ripen before July. A cute, small to medium apple with red-over-yellow colored skin, this sprightly-flavored, crisp, and juicy, its beauty is exceptional for such an early apple. It was prized for its cooking quality as well. The tree does well on many different soils, is productive, and tends to bloom late, assuring a crop most years. It is susceptible to apple scab and cedar apple rust. The fruit ripens over a period of several weeks. This apple is a must for apple lovers. The flesh is white, fine grained, tender, juicy, and briskly subacid. Ripens late June into July.
Red King
Red Leaf
Red Leaf Ornamental Crab
Red Max Mclntosh
Red May
Red Moreila
Red Paduckah
Red Pippin A synonym for Fiesta.
Red Potts
Red Prairie Spy
Red Prince A deep red sweet apple. Unusually for a modern commercial apple Red Prince arose the old-fashioned way, discovered growing as a chance seedling in an orchard in 1994.
Red Queen
Red Ralls
Red Rebel (Big Horse Creek Farm) The yellowish flesh is crisp with a fine subacid flavor. Ripens late fall in most areas.
Red Reese (Big Horse Creek Farm) Fruit is medium-sized, roundish conical, irregular, with greenish-yellow skin splashed with red. Ripens in September.
Red Regent
Red Rome A redder-colored sport of Rome Beauty.
Red Royal Limbertwig One of the best for eating fresh, for apple butter, and cider - an all purpose apple. Apple is large, round, and some will be a bit conical. Red and greenish yellow with stripe and white dots. Very aromatic, firm, and crisp, very rich unusual pleasing taste.
Red Russet
Red Rusty
Red Saint Lawrence
Red Sauce As the name suggests, notable for its pink-stained flesh and resulting pink juice.
Red Scarlet
Red Sheepnose
Red Sheriff
Red Siberian
Redsleeves Red flushed, smooth skinned, dessert variety. Sweet, lightly aromatic, crisp, juicy flesh; can be weakly flavored.
Red Sparkle aka Morden 370
Red Splendor (RW)
Red Spy
Red Start
Red Streak A synonym for Herefordshire Redstreak.
Red Sweet
Red Tip
Red Torque
Red Transparent very large apples, very large tree, early season variety, sweet creamy flesh, gets soft very fast, found in a fencerow in Aumsville, OR
Red Vein Crab
Redwell Large, well colored fruit; red over yellow skin. Cream colored flesh. Mild, excellent flavor. Keeps until January in storage. Tree has strong framework and bears annually. Late season
Red Windsor A red sport of Alkmene, with the same strong Cox-style flavour, but with a distinctly different appearance. Also known as Sweet Lilibet.
Red Wine medium, round and slightly conical, green with red blush and stripes, a slightly tart, very interesting “red wine” flavor, ripe September. The limbs of this seedling tree tend to droop.
Red Winesap Medium size apple, with a thick red skin and crisp, crunchy, and juicy flesh.
Red Winter Jon
Red Winter Pearmain Small to medium size apples. Highly colored fruit is smooth, yellow and marked and striped with red dots. The tender flesh is yellow, course, creamy white and has a slightly acid flavor. Ripens very late.
Red Wonder Wonder RedRed Wonder is a red fleshed apple with a mild sweet taste. Both the skin and flesh are red.The fruit is also good for cooking, baking, freezing, drying and juice. An excellent all purpose apple. Tree is hardy to zone 3 and the apples are ready to eat in Sept.
Red Yorking
Regent Medium size fruit. Bright red over yellow. Very pleasing flavor and texture. Honeyed, plenty of acidity, crisp, crackling, juicy flesh. Cooked keeps shape, light flavor, sweet, fruity. Delicately flavored. High dessert quality does not diminish in storage. Fruit hangs well, rarely dropping before harvest. Resistant to cedar apple rust. Late season. Fruits store into the winter. Red Duchess X Delicious
Rehakls Inge
Reids Seedling
Reine Des Hatives hard Cider
Reine Des Pommes hard Cider
Reine des Reinettes A synonym for King of the Pippins.
Reinette Clochard A pretty yellow-skinned traditional French apple.
Reinette D Anjou
Reinette D'Armorique
Reinette De Bretagne
Reinette De France
Reinette D Escarde
Reinette Des Cusy
Reinette Des Geer
Reinette Des Mana
Reinette Des Pommes
Reinette Do Chenee
Reinette du Canada An old French russet variety, and remains the definitive French russet variety. Also known as Reinette Blanche du Canada.
Reinette Du Mans
Reinette Etoilee
Reinette Franche
Reinette Fugulan
Reinette Grise
Reinette Grise Ausseur
Reinette Grise De Portugal
Reinette Grise du Canada A more russeted form of the popular Reinette du Canada. Grown commercially in France and Italy.
Reinette Grise Parmentier
Reinette Grise Santoigne
Reinette Jamin
Reinette Jaune De Butzel
Reinette Jeghers
Reinette Marbree
Reinette Montfort
Reinette Ontz
Reinette Roughe Etoilee
Reinette Russet Larger than Golden Russet. Pleasant, very sweet flavor. Brownish yellow with faint red stripes on sunny side. Prominent lenticels. Picks 1 to 2 weeks earlier than Golden Russet
Reinette Simirenko
Reinette Thouin
Reinette Tres Tardiv
Reinette Van Ekenstein
Reinette Von Zorgvliet
Reins Reinette
Relnette Do Caravia
Relnette Rouge Etoilee
Renatta Dorata
Rene Martin
Reneta Woskowa
Renet Bergamotnyi
Renetka Crab
Repinaldo Du Liebana
Rescue Crab
Ressels Russet
Retina Light pink-orange over green-yellow. Long conical shape.
Reveles Bumbierabols
Reverend Morgan A local family heirloom of the Deep South, originating in Houston, Texas, an area not conducive to growing a wide variety of apples. The apple was first raised by Reverend Herman T. Morgan in 1965 from seeds of Granny Smith and produced its first fruit in 1972. It is well adapted to most regions and has been raised in agricultural zones 7 through 9 as well as areas further north. Fruit is medium to large, roundish-conical with rich pinkish-red skin. A fine quality apple that ripens in August.
Reverend W Wilks Good early cooker, and easy to grow.
Revival Large, round, yellow apple with brilliant orange and red streaks, very good fine grained flesh. Ripens October 30. Found growing in a fencerow at the Revival Campground in Turner, OR about 1986. Only bore good fruit about one year in four in the wild. Red Delicious x Winter Banana
Rexrode Beauty
Rezista Resi
Rhode Island Greening One of the oldest American varieties, known since the 1650s, and widely planted in the USA. Its main use is in cooking.
Ribston Pippin Famous Yorkshire apple variety, probably the parent of Cox's Orange Pippin.
Ribston Red
Ribston Spizenburg
Richards Graft
Richardson St. Lawrence X Duchess, red, Rich mellow flavor, white flesh. Vigorous grower, regularly productive. midseason
Richared Delicious Only fair color (blush), but better tasting than most modern strains. Flavor is rich and complex, with hint of coconut. Shape is bloated compared to Delicious, with wide middle.
Richelieu Medium size. Attractive, juicy, crisp. Very good flavor. Mild to subacid with high sugar and aroma.
Ricks Large White
Ring Jaw
Rival A Cox-style cooking apple, commercially successful in the 1920s.
Rivers Early Peach A medium sized yellow apple with a slight reddish flush. Coarse flesh that is dry but sweet, tasting of peaches.
Rivers Nonsuch A tall, yellow apple with red stripes and a rich fruity flesh.
Robinson Crab
Robys July
Rocket Red Braeburn Very intense red blush with narrow, intense stripes.
Rockingham Red
Roda Mantet
Roman Stem
Rome Beauty An extremely attractive and productive red cooking apple, widely-grown in North America.
Rome Beauty Barkley
Rome Beauty Compspur
Rome Beauty Lawspur
Rome Beauty Ruby
Rome Spice
Romfu Unknown
Ronalds Gooseberry Pippin
Rose Bud
Rose De Benauge
Rosemary Russet A classic English russet apple from the Victorian era, though not as well known as its contemporaries.
Rosette An early-season pink-fleshed apple variety, similar to Discovery.
Rosey Glow
Ross Nonpariel
Rossoshanskoje Polosatoje
Rosu De Cluj
Rosy Glow A synonym for Pink Lady.
Roter Eisen
Roter Stettiner
Rott Jarnpple
Rouge Belle De Boskoop
Round Tree Sweet
Rousse Latour
Rouville Red over pale green-yellow. Oblate. Juicy.
Rowan Beauty
Roxbury Russet Probably the first apple variety originating in North America, as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early settlers.
Royale De Angleterre
Royal Empire Distinctly redder than fruit from standard Empire, with 90% of the surface covered with dark purplish and red stripes. Taste is similar to Empire.
Royal Gala Orange-red sweet, crisp medium-size fruit.
Royal George A synonym for Clark's Seedling.
Royal Jersey
Royal Jubilee
Royal Leathercoat Russet
Royal Limbertwig This high quality apple grows well in the warmer areas of the south. Fruit is medium to large, its skin yellow with some red, and its flesh fine grained, juicy, tender, and mildly subacid. Fruit ripens in October.
Royal Raindrops Royal RaindropOrnamental crab apple, showy pink bloom, very small deep red fruits. Red flesh. Red foliage. Ornamental and pollination purposes.
Royal Russet A synonym for Leather Coat. Large and characteristic russet skin is brown with a greenish-yellow undercast. The yellow flesh has a sweet, nut-like flavor.
Royal Somerset A culinary apple from Somerset, keeps well, and widely-used for making cider. Described by the 19th century writer Hogg as "very excellent".
Royalty Massive fruits. Sweet-tart with an appley flavor and a firm, moderately breaking texture. Good storage life. Also known as NY75413-30. Ripens in early September. Let them get overripe and see how sweet they get.
Royalty Crab
Royal Wilding
Roy Vandenburg
Rubaiyat Etter 8-11. Radiant red inside and out. Its dessert quality is superb with a unique variant on the berrylike aromatics
Rubens An attractive modern apple from Italy which is now being promoted in European supermarkets.
Rubens UK NFC A dry and fairly soft apple with a noticeable hint of bananas, and a very attractive old-fashioned appearance.
Rubez Beauty
Rubinette An outstanding Cox-style apple from Switzerland, with probably the most perfect balance of sweet and sharp of any apple. An essential experience for anyone who appreciates apples. Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.
Rubinette Rosso A red-colored natural bud-mutation of Rubinette, trademarked as Rafzubex.
Rubinola A mid-season disease-resistant variety from the Czech Republic, with a very good flavor.
Rubin Queen
Ruby Jon Creamy, white flesh and crisp, juicy eating quality similar to old-fashioned Jonathan, with 100% Jonathan flavor and size.
Rudens Suitrotais
Rudolph Crab
Rugbra Precoce Breviglleri
Ruhm Aus Kirchwarder
Rumfo Unknown
Runkel Medium to large. Pink over green-yellow. Smooth and waxy with pronounced lenticels. Sweet, rich flavor. Very juicy, fairly crisp.
Runkel apple
Runnels Yellow
Rural Russet
Russet Golden Delicous
Russet King
Russet King Yellow
Russet Red Beautiful conical shaped, medium size apple. Red skin with yellow on one side and half covered with russet. Crisp, yellowish flesh, very good flavor. Good storage. Ripens September 25. I discovered this apple in salem OR in 1989. It was found in a fencerow growing intertwined with an undesireable seedling. I marked the correct branches with plastic tie and returned the next spring for scionwood. The tree was killed one or two years later.
Russet Sour
Russet Sweet
Russian 1
Russian 2
Russian Spy
Russian Transparent
Russosshansoje Polos
Rusty Coat Darker than Golden Russet with drier flesh. Very good flavor, excellent for drying, sauce and eating.
Rusty Coat Sour
Rusty Coat Sweet
Rusty Pippin
Rusty Sweet
Rusty Sweet Large