Item Synonyms Description
T 3913 (Canada)
T 391 (Canada)
Tailin Pear Apple Ost
Taint Fraise
Tale Sweet
Tallow Pippin Fruit rather large. Clear yellow with waxy surface. Flesh a little coarse, very juicy, sprightly, subacid, and desirable for either dessert or culinary uses. It is apt to drop as it ripens.
Tall Top
Tango Wine
Tan Yard Seedling Late ripening yellow apple, blooms late in the season, good for pies and cooking
Tar Button Mediumsize apple, greenish with red stripes, crisp flesh with a fine flavor
Tardive Forester
Tasmans Pride
Tater House
Tates Blushing Maiden
Tauton Cross
Taylor Sweet to mild bittersweet type. Greenish-yellow skin with red flush.
Taylor Russet
Taylors Favorite
Taylor Sweet
Tazmans Pride
TB 38/60 (Sweden)
Teign Harvey
Telstar Small, oblate (flat). Has the same parentage as Gala. Strong, complex flavor. Sweeter than Cox with less acid.
Tender Flesh
Tenderskin (Lawson’s Nursery) Known here in the North Georgia mountains as Tenderine, It is one of the very best tasting apples we grow, medium size or larger, The skin is yellow, very thin and tender, striped and splashed with red. Yellowish flesh is tender with a very fine flavor.
Tenessee Beauty
Tennessee Green
Ten Ounce
Tentation Another modern take on Golden Delicious, often with an attractive orange flush.
Terry Winter Originated in Fulton County, GA before 1860. It is well adapted to many climates and will grow and fruit well in both warmer climates and mountain areas. It blooms very late, escaping most frosts. The apples are red, sweet, juicy, firm, and store well. The flavor is quite unique. Ripens late in the season. Quite resistant to the major apple diseases.
Tetofsky Russian importation, greenish yellow, Small, flavorful, can be used for cooking before ripe and fresh eating when ripe. early
Teton De Demoiselle
Tex Red Winesap
Thair 3-1
Thelmas Gold
Thew Gold
Thick Banana
Thoday's Quarrenden A mid/late season English dessert apple, raised in Cambridge in the mid 20th century, but thought to be related to the early-season Devonshire Quarrenden.
Thomas Roland
Thome Empire Colors to a deep burgundy three weeks earlier than standard Empire.
Thorgauer Weinapfel
Thornberry (Crab) Translucent yellow skin reveals the raspberry-pink flesh inside. Unique berry flavor; sprightly and refreshing. Ripens in October
Thunderchild Crab A small upright, spreading tree with purple foliage and delicate pink flowers in spring followed by small red fruit. Orange-yellow fall colour. Very resistant to fireblight. One of the most reliable performers. Introduction from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Tickled Pink A synonym for Baya Marisa.
Tinas Favorite probably a seedling of Winter Banana, small yellow apple, very strong aroma, flavor similar to Winter Banana. Fencerow Wildling.
Tioga Large green, turning to yellow skinned late apple. Mild but mellow flavor.
Titus Mystery
Titus Pippin
Tohoko 2
Tohoku 4
Toka CHM
Toko Fruit is conic oblate, irregular and ribbed. This skin has a dull, rough finish and rather unattractive color, yellow-green with brownish-orange blush. The flesh is greenish yellow, firm, crisp, aromatic and slightly subacid. Flavor and keeping quality are excellent.
Tolman Sweet Excellent for cider and drying, also a good dessert and baking apple. Large green or yellow apple, sometimes blushed red with lines of russet, often marked by a suture top to bottom. Flesh is firm, dry to moderately juicy, decidedly sweet. Historically, a highly esteemed "sweet" apple. Sweet Greening X Old Russet
Tompkins County King
Tom Putt An old English cider apple which can also be used as a cooking apple.
Toms All Red
Toney This is a wonderful North Carolina apple. A local apple once widely grown in Rowan, Stanly and Cabarrus counties in central North Carolina, Tony is high-quality apple considered by many to be one of the finest for applesauce, apple butter, pies and drying. The fruit is small to medium and somewhat conical in shape. The skin is light green with an occasional light red blush on the sunny side. The fine-grained white flesh is white, moderately juicy and not very crisp. Ripens August to September.
Topaz One of the best modern disease-resistant varieties, fairly sharp flavour
Topfield Green keeper
Torino 31B
Tough Hide
Tower Of Glamis
Trailman Trail X Osman, Green overlaid with red, Superhardy crabapple about 2 inches in diameter, good for eating and sauce. Flesh crisp, juicy. Tree vigorous and productive. Early-midseason
Trajan A synonym for Polka.
Trakiiska Rama
Transcendant Crab
Transparent De Croncels
Travetsu Renet
Trebu Seklandzis
Tremlett's Bitter Bitter-sweet cider apple. Medium fruit, yellow skin flushed red.
Triple E Fuji Solid red, no stripes.
Tropical Beauty
Trusevitch 1-48-41
Trusevitch V-5-38
Tryumph De Boskoop
Tsugaru 75% red over color on yellow background. Medium sized, mid- season maturing fruit. Resembles Golden Delicious, but firmer fleshed. Weakly flavored, sweet-tart, crisp and juicy.
Tucker Everbearing
Tumanga Yellow with an orange blush, very juicy, pleasantly aromatic, sweet, mildly subacid, a strong grower and regular bearer. A good keeper, its flavor heightens as it is kept in storage until March. Light skinned. Cox's Orange Pippin x Schoner von Nordhausen.
Tun Apple
Turkey 39
Turkey Run
Turley Winesap Round, dull red fruit. Triploid. Resembles Stayman, but is more crack resistant and eating quality is not as good. Ripens in October, Stores well.
Tuscan A synonym for Bolero.
Twelfth Ave
Twenty Ounce Very large, striped red over a greenish background color. Flesh white and semi- firm. Excellent mid-season cooking apple also good for dessert. Medium sized tree comes into bearing young.
Twenty Two Ounce
Twinkling Star
Twistbody Jersey hard Cider
Two Chimney Apple
Two Tone
Tydeman Powell
Tydeman Red McIntosh X Worcester Pearmain, red, Beautiful white flesh against clear red skin. Mild, pleasant flavor, good eating apple. Keeps well at 32 degrees F. Early to early-midseason
Tydeman's Early Worcester A sweet early-season English apple, grown commercially on a small scale. Has a good flavour and somewhat under-rated.
Tydeman's Late Orange A popular Cox-style apple, with a later season and sharper flavour.
Tydemans Michaelmas Red
Tydeman's Red A synonym for Tydeman's Early Worcester.
Tydernans Late Orange England, 1930’s. Laxton’s Superb x Cox’s Orange. The skin is gold with green and red stripes and yellowish flesh. This variety has a great tart-sweet balance and tastes a little bit like a mandarin or an orange. October
Type 2
Type 3