Item Synonyms Description
Yadkin Beauty
Yakata Fuji Fruit quality and color identical to standard Fuji.
Yankee Sweet Once a very popular in certain areas of Virginia, it is now a very rare variety. Described as excellent for making apple preserves and marmalade. Fruit is medium-sized and slightly flattened on the ends with light green or yellow skin. The fine-grained yellowish flesh is moderately crisp, juicy and sweet. Ripens August to September.
Yarlington Mill High quality English cider apple. Firm, medium-sized fruit. Sweet to slightly bittersweet.
Yar Mohammodi
Yataka (Early Fuji)
Yates Small sized conic shaped apple. Striped dark red fruit over pale yellow skin. Flesh is yellowish-white and can be slightly red under the skin.
Yellow Arkad
Yellow Autumn Crab
Yellow Bank
Yellow Beauty a dramatically beautiful yellow apple, medium to large, round, slightly tart.
Yellow Bellflower Excellent cooking and cider variety. Good dessert apple later in season as flavor develops with time. 13.61% sugar. Large to medium-sized fruit. Smooth, lemon yellow skin blushed red to red-orange. Juicy and aromatic.
Yellow Buff
Yellow Crab
Yellow Delicious A synonym for Golden Delicious.
Yellow Hardin
Yellow Horse
Yellow Ingestrie An attractive old yellow apple, with quite a strong apple flavour
Yellow Jay
Yellow June
Yellow Lamb Nose
Yellow Mammoth
Yellow Newtown Pippin A synonym for Newtown Pippin.
Yellow Nugget
Yellow Pearmain
Yellow Pippin
Yellow Potts
Yellow Queen
Yellow Red Delicious
Yellow Seek No Further
Yellow Sheepnose
Yellow Sweet
Yellow Transparent Of Russian origin brought into this country in 1870 by the USDA. Resistant to cedar apple rust and scab and can be grown in all areas of the South including the warmer coastal plain. Fruit is medium sized with smooth transparent yellow skin. White-fleshed, tender, fine-grained and juicy. Flavor is quite tart and tangy. Ripens June to July, depending on location. Well-known early summer apple. Not good storer.
Yellow Twig
Yellow Waxen
Yellow Winesap Large, round and slightly conical, light yellow, crisp and juicy, moderately tart, for fresh eating, ripe early October; found on top of a mountain in Smyth Co., VA.
Yian Feng
Yian Guang
York Imperial Good cooking/baking apple and excellent keeper.
York Imperial Red
York Pippin
Yorkshire Greening A very old culinary apple from Yorkshire, also known as Yorkshire Goosesauce.
Young American Crab
Y Sign