Item Synonyms Description
Patterson Reliable, heavy bearing commercial variety. Very firm, medium-sized fruit suited to canning, drying or fresh use. 600 hours. Self-fruitful. USDA Zones 6-9.
Perfection Very productive, hardy tree. Fruit is very large, sweet and juicy. Performs well where spring frost is a problem. USDA Zones 4-7.
Pixie-Cot Genetic Semi-dwarf Compact tree with medium-sized, fine quality fruit. First genetically dwarfed apricot to meet the flavor standards set by Dave Wilson Nursery for release to the home gardener. Ripens first week of June in CA's Central Valley. 500 hours. Patent pending. (Zaiger)
Plum Parfait medium fruit; skin is red blushed over dark yellow; the flesh is dark yellow marbled red at the pit. This is a hybrid of Japanese plum and apricot. Early harvest.
Puget Gold Proven producer of large, flavorful fruit in Western Washington. Recommended for other western climates where spring rains and frosts limit apricot culture. Harvest early August. 600 hours. Self-fruitful. USDA Zones 6-9.