Item Synonyms Description
Bagalhouce The moonshine fig ,from Pico, Azores . A small white fig, very sweet.
Barada An excellent large to medium green honey fig with two crops.
Barbillone A medium to large greenish violet fig, with very good quality with two crops. Brebas is large and juicy.
Barnachotte A lemon yellow skin, very sweet high quality fig. Good tree for growing in a pot.
Bayenfeige Violetta A very good large redish brown fig with two crops. Cold resistant to -20°C.
Beall An excellent medium to large purplish black fig.
Bebera Branca A long whhitefig from Canico, Madeira Island.
Bebera Preta A long black fig from Canico, Madeira Island. Excellent.
Becnel's Italian Black Fig An heirloom medium to large fig with glossy black skinned fruit and deep red flesh that is treasured for its flavor and reliability. Italian Black ripens in mid-season but is also known to produce an early crop on old wood as well as a late crop on new wood in mild winter climates. This heirloom fig originates from the Becnel family nurseries in southeastern Louisiana.
Beneixama An excellent black top commercial fig withl 2 crops early.
Biancheta A small white prolific fig of high quality,melts in your mouth. Good pot plant.Cold resistant.
Bianchi Guido A light green medium fig . Very sweet and tender.
Bifara Also known as Italian Purple. A large sweet fig with strawberry pulp. Two crops annually.
Big Granata A large to very large fig with very good flavor. Two crops annually.
Black Jack A large purple black, high quality fig . Good pot plant.
Black Madeira Flat A large black fig from the Island of Madeira, Portugal.
Black Marseilles A medium black fig with tender, very juicy, excellent flavor.
Black Mission Fig Also known as Beers Black Fig, Franciscan Fig. The sweet dark figs of Mission are the number one favorite for drying. Mission is one of the most widely grown figs in California producing heavy crops of medium to large dark purplish-black pear-shaped fruit with a rich, sweet strawberry red pulp. Good fresh or preserved. Black Mission is self-pollinating and may produce a light breba crop. A good choice for the South as well. The small eye makes it resistant to spoiling.
Black Portugal A huge black fig. Very good flavor.
Black Weeping A large, very sweet, and juicy fig. It's tree has weeping branches.
Blanche de Deux Saisons
Blanquette A very good, small, greenish yellow fig.
Brogiotto Bianco The king of all figs, a large flat white fig. Very short neck, skin cracks when ripe. Excellent quality, a delicate tasteful fig, a mix of honey surrounds the full pulp.
Brogiotto Nero Also known as Briogiotto Fiorentino. A large redish purple fig, more tolerant in cold weather than most. Very sweet, oustanding figs.
Brogiotto Nero Romano A super violet-purple fig with excellent flavor, very sweet and rich. A good pot plant.
Brown Turkey Also known as Abique Noire, Negro Largo, San Piero, Texas Everbearing. Brown Turkey is the ultimate Southern fig producing large crops of medium to large, brown to maroon, turbinate figs over a long season that begins in June. The flesh is strawberry red and is sweet with good flavor. This is probably the most reliable and commonly grown fig in Southern regions but it is the standard bearer for hardiness tolerating the climate of zone 5. It is known to fruit if frozen to the ground as well. Resistant to spoiling and splitting and good fresh, dried, or preserved. Self pollinating and with a small but open eye.