Item Synonyms Description
Capelas Its trees are slow growing and spreading, from St. Michael,Azores. One of the best figs in the North Hemisphere if planted in the ground. Good tree for growing in a pot. Fruit is large and of outstaning quality. Breba is huge. Very sweet even in cold weather.
Carne Doncella A very sweet, high quality, purplish black fig with 2 crops ,very sweet. Early breba
Castanhal A medium, brown, very sweet fig from Canico, Madeira Island.
Celeste Also known as Blue Celeste, Malta, Sugar, Violette. Celeste is the standard by which all other figs are judged on sweetness and flavor. If you've ever eaten one you know why it is also called the Honey or Sugar fig. It produces small to medium sized pear shaped violet to light violet fruit with red pulp and white to amber flesh. Very reliable for the South and Southeastern US and excellent cold tolerance. Small productive and hardy trees for the home orchard.
Champagne Also known as Golden Celeste. Medium sized, good quality, yellow figs with a partially closed eye and caramel colored flesh. A new release from LSU in 1977 as a selection from Dr. O'Rourke's breeding program. A hybrid of Celeste and a California Capri Fig.
Chicago Hardy Also known as Hardy Chicago. Chicago Hardy produces large crops of medium to small nearly black to brown or violet, pear shaped to turbinate figs with amber to strawberry flesh with a rich sweet flavor. Very similar to Brown Turkey. The eye is small minimizing spoilage. Hardy Chicago was found growing in the Chicago, Illinois area although it may have originated in Sicily, Italy. It has exceptional cold hardiness and is known to fruit in the same season even if frozen to the ground.
Colar A very large black, high quality fig with 2 crops. Rated the #1 commercially grown in Spain.
Col de Dame Blanche A large white, very sweet, outstanding fig.
Col de Dame Grise A large purple gray fig of high quality. It's juicy and very sweet.
Col de Dame Noir A tasteful large black fig. Outstanding.
Conadria A large light greenish yellow fig. The eye is very tight and small. Average weight is 1.7 oz. Two crops. Very good fresh or dried with excellent flavor.
Corynth One of the best medium to large greenish yellow fig with two crops. High quality.