Item Synonyms Description
Improved Celeste Improved Celeste is a very early ripening, productive and cold hardy cultivar. An "escape" from the LSU breeding program. It was never an official release. Similar to its mother fig, the Celeste, but without the tendency to drop immature figs. The fig itself is fairly light for a dark fig, a light purplish pink color with a pinkish red interior. A nice jammy flavor.
Inoral A medium to large, honey fig from Spain. Very taste.
Inoral Temprana An early season , medium to large, very sweet(honey) fig from Spain
Ischia A heavy producer of small to fairly large fruit that ripens to greenish yellow and has a rich flavor. It is well suited to container culture. For the best growth and largest crops, provide your figs with a well-drained, moderately fertile soil in a full to mostly sunny position. Images courtesy of Agristarts, Inc. All rights reserved.
Isfahan A small, yellowish brown, very tasty, cold resistant fig from Iran.
Italiano A medium purple, pyriform, red flesh, of high quality, rich and sweet flavored fig.