Item Synonyms Description
K- 6-5 A yellllow redish, super sweet, like jam fig.
K - 7-11 A high quality large greenish yellow fig.
Kadota Also known as Gentile, White Endich, Dottato Fig. Kadota produces heavy crops of medium sized flattened green figs that ripen to a yellow green color. The fruit has white flesh and an amber pulp with small seeds and excellent to fair flavor. Good for fresh eating and drying and LSU says it is an excellent choice for preserves. The open eye is filled with honeydew which prevents souring. Kadota ripens in mid season and is considered to be the most widely grown commercial cultivar in California.
Kala Heera Also known as Ghosh. A rare super fig the from middle east.
Karachi Green A very sweet, early and prolific fig.
Khurtmani Also known as Eseli. A very large redish, honey fig is probably the best fig from Israel.
Kori Gol A heavy bearer, medium to large, white fig. Very good.