Item Synonyms Description
Lampeira A rare fig from Portugal.
Lattarula Also known as Italian Honey, Blanche, White Marseille, Lemon Fig. With honey sweet amber flesh and a lightly tart yellow green outer skin the Blanche Fig (its original name according to Dr. Ira Condit) has long been a favorite for fresh eating or drying. A vigorous fig that produces even in areas with short growing seasons it is known to produce two good crops where summers are longer. In the Southern US it is known as the Lemon Fig and is popular in the Northwest and California for home orchards where it is known as White Marseille or Lattarula. A compact tree which can be adapted for container production. It was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson's.
Little Miss Figgy This compact growing dwarf fig tree is perfect for container culture or in gardens with limited space. Little Miss Figgy produces medium sized purple to purple-brown fruit with a deep purple flesh. Provide a well-drained soil and a full to mostly sunny location for the best results. The Little Miss Figgy Fig can easily be overwintered in a protected location as a container plant making fresh figs available where they normally would not be. Image courtesy of AG3, Inc. All rights reserved.
Little Ruby A dwarf and hardy fig that is an excellent choice for patio culture as far north as zone 6. Little Ruby produces a breba crop of medium sized sweet red figs with strawberry colored flesh. Developed by the same retired biologist who gave us the hardy and huge Olympian Fig, Denny McGaughy, he chose this seedling for its hardiness, compact habit, as well as reliability. Little Ruby is so compact in fact that it is sometimes selected as a bonsai specimen.
Longue d'Aout A medium to large, green(flush violet), good quality, rich in flavor with tow crops. A lot of brebas.Ripes two weeks earlier and is sweeter than Melanzana.
Los Lunas A medium to large green fig. Very good.
LSU Gold A very dependable, huge flat gold fig. Tender and exceptionally sweet .
LSU Purple LSU Purple produces medium sized dark reddish-purple, generally pear shaped figs with amber to strawberry pulp with a mild sweet flavor. Developed by Dr. Ed O'Rourke at LSU for disease and nematode resistance as well as the hot and humid Southern climate, it produces a breba crop and a large main crop providing fruit over a long season.
LSU Tiger LSU Tiger produces a large crop of large brown figs, with darker brown stripes, with good quality yellow to gold flesh and a partially closed eye. A recent LSU release from Dr. O'Rourke's breeding program at LSU.