Item Synonyms Description
Sal's Also known as Corleone. A small to medium black fig, good flavor and very hardy. Good for colder climates.
San Francais A gray brownish fig with only one crop.
San Giovanni A very sweet white fig with very large brebas. Medium main crop.
Santa Cruz Dark A very good, speecial taste, dark large fig. Brebas only.
Sao Joao Preto An outstanding flavored large black fig from Portugal. Lots of brebas.
Schar Amber A very heavy cropper with large brown figs having very sweet, amber flesh that has proved to be quite hardy up the East Coast. A good pot plant from Israel.
Schar Italian Its tree produces a fair breba and a large main cropof very large, purple skinned figs with red flesh thatis very sweet tender, and high quality. Ripens even when leaves fall, from Israel.
Sierra An improved Calamyrna fig, (does not need caprification) hybridizedby Dr. Louise Ferguson from California StateUniversity in Fresno. A medium to large yellow greenish fig of high quality.
Skardu Dark A hardy dark fig from Pakistan. Good for cold climates,-10°c/-14°c
Smith Also known as Becnel's Smith Fig. The Smith Fig is an heirloom Louisiana variety that was introduced by Becnel Nursery near New Orleans, Louisiana. It produces large yellow fruit with a sweet red flesh. A drop of honeydew exudes from the eye which minimizes spoiling and makes Becnel's Smith Fig a choice variety for southeastern gardens.
Stella An outstanding large, green, honey fig. It's cold resistant.
Sucrete Also known as Bifere. A small green fig of excellent quality.The fruit is not very aesthetic, but has two crops and is a good pot plant.
Sucre Verte Also known as Queen. An outstanding medium greenish , honey type fig.
Sultane A medium to large good quality black bluish fig. Very prolific and cold resistant.