Item Synonyms Description
Ventura A medium to large flat green fig with excellent strawberry flavor. It's hardier than most trees. It's very good in cold climates like Canada.High quality category.
Verdale Longue A very tasty, green redish, medium to large fig.
Verdal Valenciana A very sweet green fig. Early breba.
Verdeja An excellent green fig, Early brebas.
Verde Passo A very sweet greenish blue fig. It's outstanding when it shrives.
Verdone Also known as Adriatic, Ischia, Strawberry. An older cultivar that produces a large, sweet, rich, green yellow, very fine flavor fig. Two crops annually. High quality category from Italy.
Vern's Brown Turkey A good quality, large brown fig.
Verte A small green fig with excellent flavor from Spain. One of the best figs to grow in Canada. High quality.
Vista Mission A high quality, large, purplish black fig.