Item Synonyms Description
Arctic Babe A result of innovative interspecific breeding by Zaiger Genetics, Arctic Babe is the first white-fleshed miniature nectarine. Super-sweet, large size fruit ripens early: late May to early June in central California. Reaching only 4-6 ft., this tree is easy to thin and harvest, easy to cover to protect blooms from frost. Chilling requirement not yet established, expected to be less than 700 hours. Self-fruitful. (Introduced for the 2017-18 season as 243BC331 Miniature Interspecific Nectarine)
Arctic Blaze Taste test winner. One of the best of the low acid white nectarines: rich flavor and firm texture in early season, very sweet when soft ripe. Large size, red and creamy white skin. Harvest mid to late-August in Central CA, after Arctic Queen white nectarine. Estimated chilling requirement 700-800 hours. Self-fruitful. (Pat. No. 10174) (Zaiger)
Arctic Glo Exciting, sprightly-sweet, early season white-fleshed nectarine. High scoring in taste tests: nice balance of sugar and acid, very appealing flavor. Highly recommended for home orchards. Late June/ early July in Central CA. 400-500 hours. Self-fruitful. (Zaiger)
Arctic Jay Taste test winner. Very attractive, firm, freestone fruit is richly flavored, with a balance of acid and sugar. Ripens between Arctic Glo and Heavenly White white nectarines. 500 hours or less. Self-fruitful. (Pat. No. 9908) (Zaiger)
Arctic Queen Delicious, super-sweet white nectarine, very similar to Arctic Rose, but ripening 3-4 weeks later (early August in Central CA). Rich flavor and nice crunchy texture when firm ripe, extremely sweet when fully ripe. High-scoring in taste tests. 600-700 hours. Self-fruitful. (Zaiger)
Arctic Rose Delicious, super-sweet, white nectarine. Very high scoring in taste tests. Rich flavor and nice crunchy texture when firm ripe, extremely sweet when fully ripe. Harvest mid to late July in Central CA. Highly recommended for home orchards. 600-700 hours. Self-fruitful. (Zaiger)
Arctic Star Earliest to ripen of the low acid, super-sweet white nectarines. Rave reviews in trial tastings. Beautiful dark red skin, snow white semi-freestone flesh. Ripens mid-June in Central CA, 4-5 weeks ahead of Arctic Rose. Low winter chilling requirement, about 300 hours. Self-fruitful. (Pat. No. 9332) (Zaiger)
Armking Large nectarine with olive-green skin and reddish cast; flesh is yellow with sweet aroma, semi-freestone; from California. Early harvest.
Atomic Red With one of the most intense blooms we’ve ever seen on a fruiting tree, Atomic Red Fruiting & Flowering Nectarine is sure to amaze. The deep red of the double flower acts like a beacon, calling all eyes to marvel at the beauty in your yard. But exceptional bloom is not all; Atomic Red provides delicious nectarines as well.The fruit is medium to large, with sweet white flesh. Harvest is mid-June. Self-fruitful. Estimated chilling requirement 500 hours. Pat. No. 26647 (Zaiger)