Item Synonyms Description
Sauzee King First donut style nectarine from Zaiger Hybrids. Outstanding early season variety has white flesh that is sweet and juicy. Red skin, blushed with yellow. Tree sets fruit at a young age and produces heavily. Thinning is required for large fruit size. Estimated chilling requirement 500 hours or less.
Silver Lode Medium fruit that is most red over creamy yellow with red specks; juicy, sweet flavor; freestone from California. Early to midseason harvest.
Snow Queen Taste test winner. Sweet, juicy, early season white freestone. Late June harvest in Central CA, 2-3 weeks ahead of Babcock peach. Long-time favorite in So. Calif. Low chilling requirement, 250-300 hours. Self-fruitful.
Southern Belle Large fruit with yellow skin and red blush; yellow flesh has good flavor; freestone. Early harvest.
Stanwick Medium fruit with a greenish white skin that has a shade of purple red; white flesh is juicy; semi-freestone origin unknown. Late harvest.
Stark Sunglo Large fruit with yellow skin overspread in part with red; yellow flesh that reddens near pit; slightly acid flavor; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.
Stribling Giant Free Large nectarine with yellow skin blushed with red; yellow tasty flesh; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.
Stribling White Free Large fruit with white skin blushed with red; white, sweet and juicy flesh with a creamy texture; freestone from California. Early harvest.
Sun Grand Large nectarine with red-blushed yellow skin; firm, yellow flesh; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.
Sunred Small to medium fruit with bright red skin; yellow flesh is firm and flavorful; semi-freestone from Florida. Early harvest.