Item Synonyms Description
Mariposa Large, red fleshed, sweet, juicy, firm, delicious. Small pit, nearly freestone. Mottled maroon over green skin. Use fresh or cooked.
Marjorie's Seedling Easy to grow, heavy cropping purple/black plum, late season.
Merryweather A popular damson variety, which grows well in cool temperate climates. The fruit is unusually large for a damson.
Methley An early plum with fine quality and appearance. The fruit is purple with red, sweet flesh and very juicy with a distinctive flavor.
Mirabelle Mirabelle plums are a small, sweet type of fruit most commonly grown in the Lorraine region of France. These high sugar plums are renowned for their use in various jams, jellies, baked products, and fruit brandy (known as eau de vie). Read more at Gardening Know How: Mirabelle Plum Care: How To Plant Mirabelle Plum Trees