Item Synonyms Description
Sapalta Red-purple bitter skin and purple-black sweet semi-clingstone flesh. Ripens in late summer. Cross-pollinate with Compass for best fruit set. Good choice for small yards. American plum group. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.
Satsuma The Satsuma plum is a large Japanese variety of dark, solid red skin and dark red flesh. The fruit is firm and juicy. The Satsuma plum needs a pollinator to produce heavy crops in late July to early August. ( 300 Chill Hours)
Shiro One of the very best of yellow plums. Luminous yellow skin covers sweet, juicy flesh. A heavy bearer, Shiro grows clusters of plums all throughout the tree. Heat-tolerant. Clingstone. Introduced to America in 1899. Ripens in late July. Best pollinators: Redheart, Ozark Premier, Starking Delicious or Methley.
Shropshire Prune The definitive English damson, not the best cropping but perhaps the best flavour.
Stanley Stanley is a widely-grown European plum, used mainly for culinary purposes. It is heavy-cropping, and easy to grow.