Item Synonyms Description
Patterson Pride Fruit is much larger and sweeter than other prairie hardy plums, excellent for fresh eating, baking, jamming, and drying. A healthy tree grows ripe fruit in late summer and will not drop any fruit on the ground.
Pembina An upright tree great for backyards and rural areas. This hardy tree needs to be pollinated by a wild plum tree in order to produce high yields of fruit. Pembina Plum's famously large fruit grows to over 2 inches with thick, acidic skin and sweet flesh. People love this fruit for fresh eating, baking, and preserving.
Pershore A widely grown commercial plum, primarily used for baking, jam, canning and other culinary purposes. Sometimes known as Yellow Pershore or Yellow Egg.
President A popular dual-purpose English plum raised by the famous Rivers Nursery and notable for its large-size and purple skin.
Ptitsin Bred in south-eastern Russia, partially self-fertile. Blossom in late April, very cold hardy and resistant to pests and disease. Ripens in late July weighing in at 30-35 grams per fruit, so pretty hefty red-dark purple skin, yellow flesh, firm, juicy, aromatic and flavourful with hints of apricot and almond. Good for fresh eating as well as cooking.