Item Synonyms Description
Shaa-kar-pareh A precocious and vigorous apricot tree. Medium to large fruit, with yellow skin and white flesh. Exceptionally sweet with plum-like flavor. Self-fertile.
Shiro-Kaga Fruiting-Flowering Fruiting, flowering Japanese Apricot. White, fragrant single petal flowers bloom early in February. Fruits at 1" diameter are harvested for pickling, dehydrating and medicinal purposes. Harvest in mid May. Self-fruitful but best when pollinated by another early blooming apricot like Bongo or Mokel. Required chill 400 hours or less. Best in zones 7-10.
Sun-Glow very colorful fruit. Midseason harvest.
Sungold plum-size, bright orange apricot with a sweet, mild flavor. Use fresh, canned, or as jam. Early to midseason harvest.