Item Synonyms Description
Babcock small to medium sized fruit with fuzzless blushed skin; white flesh is tender, juicy, and tangy-sweet; semi-freestone from California. Early harvest.
Baby Crawford small fruit with slightly blushed golden orange skin; yellow flesh with exceptional flavor; freestone. Midseason harvest.
Belle of Georgia Heirloom variety
Belle of Georgia Heirloom variety. Large peach with red over creamy white skin; firm, white flesh; freestone from Georgia. Late harvest.
Black Boy A rare hardy heritage peach cultivar that is leaf curl resistant and has a wonderful rich flavor. Dark reddish purple skin and flesh have resulted in its name. It ripens in late season and is self fertile. Known mainly now in New Zealand it is related to the Peche de Vigne, the black peach of France. Its fragrant juicy flesh is highly prized eaten fresh and for preserves.
Bonanza II The fruit is improved from the original ‘Bonanza'. The peach is the most adaptable of all fruit trees for home gardens. Large peach with attractive red and yellow skin; deep yellow to orange flesh with good flesh and melting texture, highly aromatic; freestone from California. Genetic dwarf tree. Midseason harvest.
Bonita medium to large peach with light yellow skin that has a deep red blush; firm, yellow flesh with good flavor; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.