Item Synonyms Description
GaLa canning or freezing.
Galaxy A very attractive tree with delectable fruit, creamy-orange Galaxy Peaches are prized for their deliciously sweet, tender white flesh. Some have called it the bagel peach or donut peach because of its size and shape.
Garden Gold large fruit with yellow skin and slight red blush; flesh is yellow with red near pit; from California. Tree is genetic dwarf. Late harvest.
Garnet Beauty
Glohaven Brightly colored smooth (almost without fuzz) skin. Firm flesh. Superior for canning and freezing. 850 hours. Self-fertile. Later bloom less susceptible to frost damage.
Gold Dust small to medium fruit with mottled and streaked red sin; yellow flesh is great quality; freestone from California. Early harvest.
Golden Gem large fruit with yellow skin; yellow flesh with red pit cavity; firm flesh has excellent flavor; from California. Tree is genetic dwarf. Early harvest.
Golden Glory very large fruit with golden skin that is red blushed; flesh is yellow, juicy and good flavored; from California. Has the largest fruited of any of the genetic dwarf peaches or nectarines. excellent yellow fleshed freestone peach. Hardy to USDA Zone 6. Late harvest.
Golden Jubilee medium to large peach with mottled bright red skin; yellow flesh is soft with melting texture and good quality; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.