Item Synonyms Description
Santa Barbara large peach with red-blushed yellow skin; yellow flesh has excellent flavor; use fresh; freestone. Midseason harvest.
Snow Beauty large red-skinned fruit; white flesh is one of best flavored white-fleshed peaches; freestone. Midseason harvest.
Southern Flame large peach with red-blushed yellow sin; yellow flesh is firm, crisp, and melting, aromatic; good for eating fresh; from California. Tree is genetic dwarf. Midseason harvest.
Southern Rose medium-size peach with yellow skin and red blush; yellow flesh is fair flavored; freestone. Tree is genetic dwarf. Midseason harvest.
Southern Sweet medium fruit with yellow and red skin; yellow flesh has good flavor; from California. Tree is genetic dwarf. Early harvest.
Springtime small to medium peach with pointed end; blushed skin that colors bright red at maturity; white flesh can be soft and watery; semi-freestone from California. Early harvest.
Stark Saturn donut medium-sized donut peach. Flesh is low acid and mildly sweet.
Strawberry Cling large peach with creamy white, mottled red skin; flesh is white, juicy, and richly flavored; good for canning; clingstone from California. Late harvest.
Strawberry Free medium fruit with light, pink-blushed skin; firm, white flesh with excellent flavor; freestone from California. Early harvest.
Summerset large round fruit with attractive blush over yellow skin; firm, yellow flesh is good for canning or freezing, fair fresh; freestone from California. Late harvest.
Suncrest large, round fruit with bright red over yellow skin; firm, yellow flesh is melting with good texture; good flavor for fresh use or canning; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.
Sunhaven medium peach with bright red over gold skin; juicy, fine-grained yellow skin with rich, sweet flavor; semi-clingstone from Michigan. Early to midseason harvest.
Sunhigh The flesh comes off the pit easily. A large oval-shaped easy to pick peach with a sweet flavor similar to the Loring. This peach is great for eating freezing and canning.  Considered one of the best varieties for canning or freezing.
Sweet Bagel Flat donut shaped peach with yellow flesh
Sweet Dream Very large. Self-fruitful. requiring 800-900 chilling hours (hours below 45°F) midseason typically July 15 to July 30 in moderate areas like Fresno CA