Item Synonyms Description
Earlihale medium to large fruit with mostly dark red skin; firm, yellow flesh has good flavor; freestone from Maryland. Midseason harvest.
Early Amber medium peach with dark red-blushed yellow skin; orange-yellow, medium-firm flesh; freestone from Florida. Early harvest.
Early Elberta Also known as Gleason. Large fruit with slightly red-blushed yellow skin; yellow flesh; freestone from Utah. Midseason harvest.
Elberta large peach with blushed-red deep golden skin; yellow, slightly bitter flesh; freestone from Georgia. Midseason harvest.
El Dorado medium-size peach with red-blushed yellow skin; yellow flesh is rich flavored; freestone. Tree is genetic dwarf. Early harvest.
Empress large peach with pink to red skin; sweet, juicy flesh; from California. Tree is genetic dwarf. Late harvest.
Eva’s Pride medium to large peach with yellow skin; yellow flesh is has a fine flavor; freestone. Early harvest.