Item Synonyms Description
Red Baron large fruit with yellow skin; yellow flesh is sweet and richly flavored; freestone. Midseason to late harvest.
Redglobe Excellent sweet flavor. Red Goble is one of the most attractive peaches of the season. Excellent for fresh eating canning or freezing. 850 hours. Self-fertile.
Redgold High-quality firm flesh with good flavor. (early August ripening)
Redhaven Non-browning. sweet yellow flesh is firm and smooth textured. Excellent for canning freezing and fresh eating. Redhaven is the standard by which all early peaches are judged. The tree is vigorous and early bearing. 950 hours. Self-fertile.
Red Haven An excellent freestone peach with red-blushed, yellow skin and firm, sweet, yellow flesh. Ideal for fresh eating, canning and freezing. An attractive tree, with dark pink buds that open to fragrant, pink flowers in spring. Fall foliage is a bright gold. Self-fertile, but best when planted near another variety. Recommended chill: 800 - 900 hours.
Redskin medium peach with yellow skin and abundant deep red blush; yellow, firm somewhat fibrous flesh; use fresh, canned or frozen; freestone from Maryland. Midseason harvest.
Redtop large peach, skin is almost fully blushed red over yellow; yellow flesh is firm and fine grained; good fresh, canned or frozen; freestone from California. Midseason harvest.
Redwing medium fruit with red over yellowish skin that colors before maturity; white, firm, juicy, sweet flesh that is lightly perfumed; freestone from California. Early harvest.
Reliance Late blooming which makes it cold hardy and frost hardy; yet produces early season. Sweet flavorful yellow freestone. Best choice for climates having severe cold in winter and spring. Harvest 2-3 weeks before Elberta. Showy bloom. 1000 hours. Self-fruitful.
Rio Grande medium to large peach with red blush over yellow skin; firm, yellow flesh with medium-fine texture that is juicy with delicate flavor; freestone from Florida. Early harvest.
Rio Oso Gem an old favorite heirloom with rich sweet flavor. Excellent for eating fresh Desserts/Pies and Canning
Roza large, round peach with medium red blush; very firm, yellow flesh with excellent flavor, good fresh or canned; from Washington. Midseason harvest.
Rubidoux large fruit with blushed dull red over yellow-red stripes; firm, yellow flesh is moderately juicy with so-so flavor; freestone from California. Midseason to late harvest.
Ruby Prince