Item Synonyms Description
Halehaven medium to large fruit that is partially red over greenish yellow skin; yellow, juicy, flavorful flesh; freestone from Michigan. Midseason harvest.
Halford large fruit with yellow skin; yellow flesh with non-melting texture; clingstone from California; Late harvest.
Halloween Large fruit with firm flesh. Tough to grow in backyards. Usually harvested around Halloween hence the name
Harken Ripens a few days after Redhaven . Sweet flavorful fruit. non-browning flesh. One of the highest-rated peaches for Western Washington. Freestone. Dessert/cooking/freezing. 800 hours. Self-fertile.
Harmony Large round fruit from Canada.
Honey Babe small to medium peach with yellow skin and red blush; yellow sweet flavored flesh; freestone. Tree is genetic dwarf. Midseason harvest.