Item Synonyms Description
Barland One of the most popular Perry Pears, the Barland Cider Pear Tree has been grown in England since the 17th century.
Barnet Gin is a rare but excellent perry variety for resistance to scab and canker. Heavy cropping medium sized fruits, green in color with a slight orange flush and almost round in appearance. Acid and tannin to taste and good keeping quality.
Barnett A small, mid season russetted scab-resistant pear with low acids and tannins. Trees have an upright habit with compact growth. Mix with others in 'perry'. Biennial bearing; precocious and late flowering.
Baronne de Mello A beautiful golden brown russet pear, and one of the most popular of the numerous pears developed by Belgian pear enthusiast Van Mons. It ripens late and needs a good climate for best results.
Bartlett Bartlett, also widely known as Williams Bon Chretien, is one of the most widely-grown of all pear varieties.
Beierschmitt Firm, tender, very juicy, highly aromatic. Skin is thin and tender, greenish-yellow to clear pale yellow when ripened, with slight russet.
Bella Di Guigno Rich, buttery Italian pear which ripens in late June. Red blushed three inch long fruit cover this sturdy, easy to care for tree.
Belle Poitevine French pear. Keeps better than bartlett
Beth A modern English pear, excellent flavor, and easy to grow.
Beurr Bosc A widely-grown French pear, with firm buttery flesh and golden russeted skin.
Beurr Capiaumont An old Belgian pear, with a rich sweet flavor. Ripens late. Easy to grow in warm or temperate climates.
Beurr d'Arenberg A well-known traditional French dessert pear, with a very good sweet floral flavor.
Beurr Duval A classic Belgian late-season dessert pear, often with a red-flushed skin. Buttery melting sweet flesh.
Beurre Hardy
Beurre Superfin A highly-regarded traditional late-season French pear. Fruits keep until December, and the tree is productive in both cool and warm climates.
Beurr Hardy EMLA Beurre Hardy is one of the best traditional French pears, highly regarded for its excellent flavor.
Black Worcester England – a cooking pear that keeps well
Blake's Pride A reliable harvest of aromatic, juicy fruit that melts in your mouth and excellent resistance to fireblight give this recent USDA introduction plenty to be proud of. Yellow-to-golden skinned with some light russetting, pears are ready to harvest in September.
Bon Rouge
Bosc A firm fleshed flavorful pear with a beautiful brownish russetted skin and a crunchy texture. Some prefer it to the smooth texture of Comice. Very sweet and juicy. Outstanding in the Pacific Northwest. Tastes best after storing a month or two.
Brandy The Brandy Cider Pear Tree is prized for its attractive, russeted, and red blushed fruit. You can use it alone to make a medium-acid cider or you can blend it with Barland for a sharper flavored juice. Site and Soil: European Pears like full to 1/2 day sun and well-drained soil.
Bristol Cross A heavy-cropping cross of two classic English pears, Bartlett and Conference.
Broom Park A traditional English winter dessert pear. The flesh has a rich sweet flavor.
Buerre Superfin Beurre Superfin is a high quality pear that grows especially well in warm sheltered sites. Better than average fruit quality, medium size, mid-green turning yellow with many light brown russet patches and slightly rough skin. One of the most outstanding flavoured pears with its pale, yellow, melting flesh that has a delicious scented taste.
Butirra Precoce Morettini An amazing find, this sweet, spicy pear is large in size, yellow-green with a beautiful red blush. It ripens and sets large crops in early August. The flavor is unmatched; rich and buttery. The vigorous tree is a heavy and regular cropper. Needs a pollenizer.
Butt An October ripening pear with moderate acids and tannins that produces fruity, slightly astringent of good quality. Fruit is small, yellow, slightly russetted with excellent keeping quality prior to milling. A vigorous tree with narrow-angled crotches. Biennial bearing and heavy producer. Needs a late blooming European Pear.