Item Synonyms Description
Madame Treyve A traditional French mid-season pear, with a very juicy and sweet flavor.
Magness A medium-sized pear ripening just after Seckel. Skin is greenish-brown, covered with light russet. Flesh is soft, juicy and almost free of grit cells. Flavor is sweet and of excellent quality. Tree is vigorous, spreading and resistant to fire blight. Magness does not produce good pollen and should not be used as a pollenizer.
Maxie Asian x European Pear This cross between Max Red Bartlett European and Nijissiki Asian pears provides the delicious Bartlett flavor with the crisp, juiciy flavor of Nijisseki, The fruit is round and a beautiful orange red. It ripens in September and is pollinized by late ripening Asian or early ripening European pear cultivars. It is resistant to pear scab. USDA Zones 5-9.
Max Red Bartlett All the flavor of Bartlett with exceptional sweetness. Bright-red skin makes a dramatic addition to salads and other recipes. Tree grows rapidly and bears early. Sport of Bartlett.
Merton Pride An English pear from the 1940s, quite widely grown in gardens. Can be considered an improved Bartlett.
Moonglow An early attempt to a develop a fireblight-resistant pear. Good flavors from its excellent European pear pedigree.