Item Synonyms Description
Schweizer Wasserbirne Scab resistant Perry Pear of Swiss origin
Seckel One of the earliest known American pears, it remains highly regarded for flavor and its attractive appearance. Originated in late 17th century Philadelphia area.
Spalding If you like the crunchy juicy, sweetness of an Asian pear and the mellow complex flavor of a European pear, you will love Spalding. A healthy, vigorous tree produces loads of medium size, round,light green fruit in early September. Originally from the South, it thrives in the Pacific Northwest. This European pear is reportedly self fertile and fireblight resistant.
Starkrimson Also called Red Clapp's, is a red-skinned 1939 Michigan bud mutation of Clapp's Favourite. Its thick, smooth skin is a uniform, bright and intense red, and its creamy flesh is sweet and aromatic.
Stinking Bishop
Stuttgarter Geishirtle A German pear. This sweet two inch diameter russeted pear will hang on the tree, ready to eat during August. Its a very heavy annual bearer of delicious lunch size fruit. The name means 'little goat herder' Needs a pollenizer.
Summer Beauty
Summer Blood Birne A red flesh or "blood" pear that is scab resistant and produces fruit with a pleasing cinnamon like flavor. It is an ancient cultivar thought to have originated in Germany. A favorite in the National Pear collection.
Summer Doyenne A synonym for Doyenne d'Ete.