Item Synonyms Description
Taylor's Gold New Zealand – a russeted mutant clone of Comice
Taynton Squash Old, finest quality Perry Pear with sweet, rich, distinctive flavor Greenish-yellow fruit may occasionally show a slight flush. Medium Acid and Tannin Heavy, biennial-tending, early season crop Susceptible to scab, does not store well Origin: Gloucestershire, village of Taynton, 17th Century
Theilersbirne A great "perry" or cider making pear very high in tannic acid. The small fruit is green and the flesh is brown with a sweet musty flavor. It originated in Switzerland in 1848 and is a European hard cider favorite.
Thorn Favorite of today's Artisan Perry producers. Raised by Mr Winnal at Weston-under-Penyard about 1790. To be found between Ross and Tewkesbury. Origin: Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire