Item Synonyms Description
Old Home An American pear variety with natural fireblight resistance, often used as a pear rootstock for this reason.
Onward Organic English gardeners love Onward for its ease of growing and reliability of production even in years with untimely spring frosts. The medium size fruit is yellow when ripe in early September and sometimes russetted. It's a heavy, precocious cropper with a rich sweet juicy flavor. It blooms mid season with Comice but it will not pollinize or be pollinized by Comice.
Orcas Horticulturalist Joe Long discovered this tree growing on his property on Orcas Island, Washington and it has become a regional favorite. The fruit is large, flavorful, scab resistant and loaded each year with yellow fruit with a carmine blush. The tree has a vigorous, spreading habit. The pears are great for canning, drying or eating fresh. The fruit matures in early September. Raintree has an exclusive agreement to propagate this outstanding variety.
Orient The Orient pear is a cross breed of an Asian pear and European. As a result of the blend, it offers some appealing attributes and a reputation for beauty. It is blight resistant and bears heavy crops. Large, round and yellow in color, Orient pears still offer the familiar sweet taste of their European cousins. The fruit has a thick skin over a creamy, fine flesh with a sweet but mild flavor.