Item Synonyms Description
Dave's Delight A very attractive, high quality early to mid season ripening dessert pear bred in Nova Scotia Canada. It has also proven a winner in the Pacific Northwest. The aromatic fruit is yellow with a red blush and is fine textured and buttery like its parent Bartlett. Released in 1986 from the Kentville Ag Canada station. It's parents are Beierschmidt x Bartlett.
Doctor Lentier A high quality Belgian dessert late season pear, from the early 19th century. It has the characteristic melting sweet rich flesh so typical of Belgian pears from this era.
Don Guindo Spain – strong yellow, flavoured taste
Doyenn du Comice Often considered the best-flavored of all pears, with juicy melting buttery flesh.
Doyenne d'Ete One of the earliest-ripening summer pears, developed by famous 19th century Belgian pear breeder Van Mons.
Doyenne du Comice
Doyenne Gris Sweet, spicy flavor, equal to Bosc in dessert quality." It lists no damage for scab and rust. Moderately susceptible to fire blight.
Dr. Jules Guyot
Duchesse d'Angouleme A russetted French heritage pear prized for its large size and rich juicy flavor since 1815. It blooms with Conference and ripens in October. An upright, vigorous, hardy tree.
Durondeau An attractive late-season blushed pear, often with red-colored leaves in the fall.