Item Synonyms Description
Red Bartlett All the flavor of Bartlett with exceptional sweetness. Bright-red skin makes a dramatic addition to salads and other recipes. Tree grows rapidly and bears early. Sport of Bartlett. Cold-hardy. Introduced circa 1946. Harvest in August.
Red Clapps Also called 'Red Kalle'. This large pear from Michigan is beautiful with amazing reddish purple fruit hanging like jewels from the tree. The fruit is sweet and flavorful. It thrives in the Pacific Northwest and in much of the nation. It is one of the first ripen in early September. It blooms in mid season and is a good pollinizer.
Red Pear Red Pear is an old popular variety. Produces heavy crops of low acid and low tannin perry pears of good average quality. Keeps well after harvest. Grown on a wide commercial scale throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire for over 400 years. History: Originated from the National Perry Pear Collection in Malvern during the 16th century.
Robin A pretty small mid-season dessert pear, which can also be used for cooking, named after its attractive red-flushed skin.
Russet Comice Sweet buttery flavor of Comice in a pear with a beautiful brown russetted skin. Russet Comice has proven to thrive in the maritime Pacific Northwest and does well where Comice thrives. It will not fully russet in hot summer climates and it is not as vigorous a grower as Comice. It blooms late season with Comice and ripens mid season.