Item Synonyms Description
General Leclerc
Gin Gin is a rare but excellent perry variety for resistance to scab and canker. Heavy cropping medium sized fruits, green in color with a slight orange flush and almost round in appearance. Acid and tannin to taste and good keeping quality.
Glou Moreau An old Belgian pear with a delicate sweet flavor, and a forerunner of great explosion of Belgian pear varieties in the early 19th century. Succeeds best in a warm climate. Originated in Belgium in 1750.
Golden Spice Cold Hardy to USDA Zone 3, An upright oval headed tree with glossy dark green leaves that turn orange in the fall. White flowers followed by 5cm yellow pears with a dull red blush. Firm, juicy fruit ripens in mid-September good for canning and preserves.
Gorham Developed in New York, but very much in the European style. Good flavor and versatile, can be considered an improved Bartlett.