Item Synonyms Description
Calebasse Bosc A synonym for Beurré Bosc.
Cascade Cascade is a red skinned pear that is a cross of Red Bartlett and Comice bred at the Oregon State U. Medford station. It has good flavor and ripens in late September. It does well in the pacific Northwest. It blooms with Conference and is pollinized by early and mid season blooming pears.
Catillac A traditional late-season French culinary pear, dating from the reign of Louis XIV.
Clapp's Favorite An attractive and well-known 19th century American pear. It ripens early season, and does not keep.
Clara Frijs
Claude Blanchet
Comice A large yellow pear with sweet juicy melting flesh. It provides the flavor standard by which to measure all others. Harvest early October. Tastes best after storing a month at room temperature. Fireblight resistant. Needs pollenizer.
Concorde England – a seedling of Conference × Doyenne du Comice
Conference The most well-known of English pears. England, 1894