Item Synonyms Description
Baco noir An extremely vigorous variety which is best grown on heavy soils. Excessive vigor often occurs on light soils, increasing the risk of winter injury. Early bud break increases probability of spring freeze damage. The variety is also sensitive to attack by soil-borne virus diseases. The fruit is usually high in acid and produce wines of good quality which are usually deeply pigmented but low in tannin content.
Baresana white, seeded, large, round-oval fruit with juicy, sweet flesh. Ripens mid-season.
Beauty Seedless Also known as Black Beauty. blue-skinned, seedless, small to medium-sized, oval fruit with firm flesh and spicy flavor. Ripens early, mid-spring to summer.
Black Beauty Also known as Beauty Seedless. These are the only seedless black grapes. They are spicy and sweet, resembling Concords in flavor.
Black Corinth purple-black, seedless, very small fruit that is crunchy and very sweet. Also known as Zante currant or champagne grape. (Zante is the name of the Greek island where these grapes were cultivated 2,000 years ago.) Ripens mid-season in summer.
Bluebell American; seed blue grapes; for juice and fresh eating; ripens early; excellent in cold winter regions; cane or spur prune.
Buffalo produces medium-sized, loose bunches of blue grapes with a fruity labrusca flavor. The vines are hardy and vigorous but susceptible to powdery mildew. Brittleness of cluster rachises can also be a problem.