Item Synonyms Description
Early Muscat European; seeded green fruit; use for muscat wine; ripens early midseason; spur prune.
Edelweiss produces early-ripening fruit similar to that of its parent, Ontario, but the vine is much more winter hardy.
Einset Seedless (Plant patent 6160) is a winter-hardy, red seedless grape with a unique, strawberrylike flavor. The medium-sized clusters produce bright red, ovoid berries that have good storage potential until the end of November. The clusters respond well to gibberellic acid or cane girdling to improve cluster compactness and berry size. The skin is slightly tough and adheres to the tender flesh. Cultural problems include susceptibility to fungal diseases and a seed remnant that is occasionally noticeable. Along with Vanessa, Einset Seedless probably has the most commercial promise of the red seedless varieties that can be grown successfully in New York.
Elvira A white grape which descends from Vitis riparia, the Riverbank or Frost Grape. The variety ripens at Concord season and is one of the most productive varieties grown in New York. It is used primarily for bulk wine production. Because the skin is thin and the cluster is very compact, cracking of the berries results in some seasons if the grapes are harvested at full maturity. Current practice is to harvest the fruit before cracking becomes a problem. The must is typically high in acidity. See also Ventura.
Emperor red-skinned, seeded, large, oval fruit with firm, crisp flesh with a mild cherry taste. Ripens midseason to late, late fall to early spring.
Emperor These small-seeded red grapes may vary in color from red-violet to deep purple. Their flavor is mild and somewhat cherry-like (they have a lower sugar content than many other table grapes). Thick-skinned Emperors are good shippers and stand up well to consumer handling. They also store well, lengthening their period of availability.
Exotic These blue-black grapes are seeded and firm-fleshed, and resemble Ribiers.