Item Synonyms Description
Interlaken American hybrid; seedless green or yellow; fruity flavor; for fresh eating; ripens early; matures in cool regions; cane or spur prune.
Isabella An old black, labrusca-type variety used primarily for wine. In other parts of the world Isabella is one of the most common grapes of its type, but in New York it is rare, having been replaced by other varieties. Cold damage can occur in severe winters.
Italia Also known as Italia Muscat This variety has taken the place of the older Muscat varieties, which today are mainly used for making wine. Muscats are large, greenish-gold, seeded grapes with a winy sweetness and fragrance. The Italias have a milder flavor than the older varieties.
Italia Muscat yellow green-skinned, seeded, very large fruit with tender juicy flesh with a heavy, sweet muscat flavor. Ripens midseason, late summer through late fall.
Ives A black grape of the V. labrusca type that is used to add color to red wines and juices. It is very subject to damage by the air pollutant, ozone, which may cause diminished vigor and productivity.