Item Synonyms Description
Ravat 34 A selection of the French hybridizer, J.F. Ravat. It is early ripening, moderately vigorous, productive and winter hardy. Wine quality is good. There is limited commercial experience with this variety in New York. Yield trial results from Fredonia, New York indicate excellent potential.
Red Globe These very large red grapes have a crisp texture and large seeds. The flavor is quite delicate.
Red Malaga Ranging in color from pinkish-red to purple, these grapes are crisp and mildly sweet. Their rather thick skins make them good shippers.
Reliance (Plant patent 5174). From the University of Arkansas (1982), produces large clusters of round, red, medium-sized berries. The skins are tender and the flesh is melting in texture, with a sweet labrusca flavor. Coloring may be poor in some years, and fruit often crack in wet seasons. Cold hardiness is among the highest of the seedless varieties.
Ribier These large, blue-black grapes, which grow in generous bunches, have tender skins. They are sweeter than the look-alike Exotic and arrive at market later in the summer.
Rougeon (Seibel 5898) Ahardy and very productive but sometimes exhibits a biennial pattern of bearing. The wine is of high color and is used primarily for blending.
Ruby Seedless red-skinned, seedless, medium-sized, oval fruit with firm, crisp, juicy flesh that is sweet-tart taste. Ripens late mid-season, late summer to early winter.