Item Synonyms Description
Perlette green-skinned, seedless, medium-sized round fruit with firm, juicy, sweet flesh. Use for desserts or raisins. Ripens very early, late spring through mid-summer.
Perlette Seedless These round, crisp, green grapes have a frosty-white “bloom” on their surface.
Petite Verdot Classic Bordeaux variety. Yields have been low at Geneva, fruit maturity is very late and wine quality has been mediocre at best. We only recommend small trial plantings of the variety for producers who wish to produce complex blends of Bordeaux red wine varieties.
Pinot blanc A white fruited form of Pinot noir, is an important white wine variety in Germany, Alsace and the Loire Valley of France. Adaptability to New York growing conditions is similar to Chardonnay, and it has more resistance to bunch rot . It seems worthy of more extensive culture in New York.
Pinot gris The "grey" (light red) form of Pinot noir. The clone we have tested is not as cold hardy as our Pinot blanc clone, but is as hardy as the better Pinot noir clones we have tested. It too appears to resist bunch rot. Pinot gris makes a fuller bodied white wine than does Pinot blanc. Both the blanc and gris forms add to the quality of sparkling wine cuvées and make interesting still wines. They have the potential to offer an interesting alternative to Chardonnay or White Riesling for quality wine production.
Price very early ripening Concord-type grape developed at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Clusters are small to medium sized with large berries. The skin is thinner than on most labrusca-type grapes.