Item Synonyms Description
De Chaunac (Seibel 9549) A very productive and vigorous variety. Cluster thinning is required to maintain yield and fruit quality. The clusters are large and loose, resulting in few problems with bunch rots at harvest. Wine is only fair in quality and the vine is subject to soil borne virus problems. Because of shrinking demand, acreage has declined dramatically in recent years.
Delaware red-skinned, seeded, small to medium-sized roundish fruit with sweet, juicy flesh. Ripens midseason, late summer through fall.
Delaware These small, pinkish-red grapes have a more tender skin than other American varieties. They are sweet and juicy.
Delight European; seedless dark green yellowish grape; for fresh eating and raisins; ripens early; spur prune.
Dutchess A late-ripening white grape of V. vinifera and V. labrusca ancestry. The fruit has a less American flavor than other varieties of V. labrusca ancestry. Because of the relatively low cold tolerance, the variety should be planted only on very favorable sites. Other interspecific hybrid varieties now largely fill the role that Dutchess once played in New York wine production.