Item Synonyms Description
Neptune (Plant patent 12,302), a 1998 release from the University of Arkansas, is a yellow-green seedless grape cultivar of moderate vigor. The clusters are large and very showy, but productivity is moderate. Flavor is mild and fruity, while fruit texture is firm with a relatively thick skin, similar to many eastern seedless grapes. There is relatively little experience growing Neptune in New York. It is reported to be more winter hardy than Venus.
New York Muscat reddish-blue grape with a rich muscat-labrusca flavor. The vines are moderately vigorous and produce medium-sized, loosely filled clusters.
Niabell blue-skinned, seeded, very large round fruit that is sweet to semi-sweet. Slip-skin Concord type. Ripens mid-season.
Niagara These large, amber-colored grapes have a grayish bloom. Niagaras may be either round or egg-shaped. They are somewhat coarse-fleshed, and are less sweet than most other American varieties. They are often sold as white Concord grapes and are used to make white grape juice.
Niagra green-skinned, seeded, medium to large oval fruit; the flesh is juicy, foxy and sweet. Ripens mid-season.
Norton (Cynthiana) Norton has small to medium clusters which bear firm, round, black berries.